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Rachel Mitchell’s disappearing act confirms GOP blunder

Trump allies who want to see Brett Kavanaugh confirmed were concerned that Rachel Mitchell (above) had not managed to poke any holes in Christine Blasey Ford’s account or character that would make her story less believable. | Tom [...]

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC tops Sean Hannity of Fox News in ratings in bad week for Donald Trump

NEW YORK — If it’s a lousy week for President Donald Trump, it’s usually a good week for Rachel Maddow. MSNBC’s marquee personality took advantage of a busy week of bad news for the president, led by former lawyer Michael Cohen’s [...]
Rachel Maddow Has Questions About Michael Cohen, And They Are All LOLOL THE FUCK YOU SAY?
Were we not JUST SAYING that all these companies that deposited one million ameros in Michael Cohen’s sexxx fund for paying off the participants in Donald Trump’s extracurricular sexxxes need to STFU OMG YOU LOOK LIKE IDIOTS? We were.  Everybody [...]
Is Rachel Brand Just Totally Selfish, Or Is She A Fucking Coward Too?
Welp. She tried. HAHA JUST KIDDING no she didn’t. We have not yet addressed the resignation of Rachel Brand, the very smart and talented number three at the Justice Department. It’s bad for a variety of reasons, all of which are that if [...]
Rachel Maddow Not Falling For Dumbass Trump-Russia Forgeries, So Don’t Even Fucking Try
[embedded content] Rachel Maddow did a BIG SCOOP on Thursday night, and we think it’s a pretty big fuckin’ deal. To cut to the chase, somebody (she doesn’t know who YET) used her “Send It To Rachel” tool [...]
RACHEL MADDOW NOT POISONED BY RUSSIA! (Not That We Were Worried About That Or Anything)
ALL FIRED UP AND READY TO GO For real, we were not actually worried that Rachel Maddow had been poisoned by the Russians in retaliation for her constant, night-after-night, backbreaking work of reporting on the very weird and byzantine story [...]

The vindication of Rachel Maddow

This article originally appeared on Media Matters. Under pressure to show some sign — any sign — that President Donald Trump’s administration hasn’t squandered its first 100 days in office, the White House yesterday released a [...]

Stupid Intercept Idiots Wish Rachel Maddow Would STFU About Trump’s Russia Scandal

DEVIL WOMAN BREAKING JOURNALISM REPORT FROM GLENN GREENWALD’S SHITTY INTERTUBES BLOG SITE! Greenwald, who is BFFs with Julian Assange and has the oddest boner for Russia, runs The Intercept, which has released a very important study that [...]

OK Everyone, It’s Time To Chill Out About Rachel Maddow RIGHT NOW JESUS CHRIST

For real, chill out, she is still your best pal. Tuesday night, Rachel Maddow broke the entire internet when she tweeted that she had “Trump taxes” to share on her nightly TV program! The internet LITERALLY DIED OF ORGASMS like “What [...]

Rachel Maddow Broke Twitter About Trump’S Taxes, Let’S Watch Rachel Maddow Together

Rachel Maddow has a NEWS. Oh hello, Rachel Maddow has some news for us, wonder what she is going to talk about! 9:02: This is the tweet what broke the internet. Then Maddow tweeted that what she has is something from Trump’s 2005 1040 form. [...]