12162018What's Hot:
Trump’s VA Is Purging Civil Servants
This article is being co-published by ProPublica. Last June, President Donald Trump fulfilled a campaign promise by signing a bipartisan bill to make it easier to fire employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs. The law, a rare rollback [...]
The GOP Keeps Quietly Purging Black Voters—and Democrats Aren’t Doing Anything About It
When both Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Marcel Groen and the North Carolina Democratic Party’s deputy executive director, Douglass Wilson, were asked about a little-known, but nasty, national voter-purge effort called “Interstate [...]

Trump purging everything “Chris Christie” from a transition in “turmoil”

CNN reports that the Trump transition is purging itself of everything “Christie.” And the NYT says the Trump transition is in “turmoil.” Ah, schadenfreude. What’s particularly sad — or funny — about the Christie development [...]