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Students Across the World Are Protesting on Friday. Why?

What began as one student’s vigil calling for action on climate change has gone global, with school strikes planned in more than 100 countries on Friday. Here is a look at how the climate protests spread and how political leaders [...]

Russians, Feeling Poor and Protesting Garbage, Suffer Winter Blues

URDOMA, Russia — Russia’s countryside and smaller cities have long been fertile ground for President Vladimir V. Putin and his message of restoring bygone greatness, but even here, there are limits. Plans to ship Moscow’s garbage [...]

Paris Police Fire Tear Gas at Crowds Protesting Fuel Prices and Macron

PARIS — The police in Paris used tear gas and water cannons on Saturday to disperse protesters in “yellow vests” as thousands gathered in the capital and staged road blockades across the nation as part of a second wave of rallies [...]
Young Slovaks Buck a Trend, Protesting to Save Their Democracy
The tumult in Slovakia has now distinguished this country from others in the region, where a loss of faith in democracy has prompted voters to turn to populist leaders offering a strong hand as a remedy. In Hungary and Poland, those leaders [...]
Dear Pissed-Off High School Kids: If Adults Threaten To Punish You For Protesting, FUCKING DO IT ANYWAY
Smart American kids who don’t really feel like being shot at today are planning national school walk-outs and huge anti-gun rallies all over the country in the coming months, to push the adults in charge to finallyfuckingfinally do something [...]

Jeff Sessions Wants More Free Speech Unless It’s For Uppity Black F’Ball Players (Or People Protesting HIM!)

Freedom? It is a worship word! You will not use it! Attorney General (* vomit! *) Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III gave a great big important speech about free speech at Georgetown Law School Tuesday where he said that campuses need to stop [...]
Protesting Venezuelan violinist may seek asylum in US
NEW YORK (AP) – A violinist who became the young face of anti-government protests in Venezuela may soon seek political asylum in the United States. Wuilly Arteaga became well-known after playing somber renditions of Venezuela’s national [...]

Sen. Tim Kaine’s Son Arrested For Protesting Trump TOO SEXXXILY

Did somebody post bail yet? Because, like, we could go pick him up. This week, a very serious story happened in the news. It was that Linwood “Woody” Kaine, son of senator and former veep candidate Tim Kaine, got in big trouble for fucking [...]

Not all the Standing Rock Sioux are protesting the pipeline

Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, North Dakota (CNN)Ask around and you'll hear stories of pipeline protesters who've traveled great distances. They've come from Japan, Russia and Germany. Australia, Israel and Serbia. And, of course, [...]