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White House Unveils Tariffs on 1,300 Chinese Products
The designation of targeted products will be followed by a comment period in which American companies can provide feedback to the Trump administration on the product choices. The administration will hold a public hearing on the submissions [...]
Defying Trump, China Slaps Tariffs on 128 U.S. Products
But the latest announcement said the tariffs that will take effect on Monday covered all 128 products, including the 25 percent charge on pork. The ministry said it had Chinese public opinion on its side after asking for views about the [...]
Capitol Watch: Hygiene products in jails; vacant Senate seat
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) – In New York state government news, the first official candidate for a vacant Senate seat is promising to work to clean up Albany, and there’s a renewed push to provide free feminine hygiene products in schools and [...]

Kellyanne gets a pass: White House says Conway spoke “without nefarious motive” when plugging Ivanka Trump products

The White House has decided that counselor Kellyanne Conway should be off the hook for plugging Ivanka Trump’s fashion line after the president’s daughter was dropped by Nordstrom. “Upon completion of our inquiry, we concluded that [...]

Breitbart Watch: Loyal Breitbart Readers Boycott Kellogg’s Products, Still A Bunch Of Froot Loops Anyway

When niche marketing goes too far You know what wingnuts hate more than anything? Weak whiners who are constantly whining about being discriminated against, like the Blacks, or the Messispanics, or the homosexxicans, or the womenfolk. They [...]