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Saudi Crown Prince’s Mass Purge Upends a Longstanding System

In the same stroke, the crown prince has cowed businessmen and royals across the kingdom by taking down the undisputed giant of Saudi finance. And over the last several weeks he has ordered enough high-profile arrests of intellectuals [...]

Citigroup, Twitter, Lyft: Prince’s Arrest Touches Many

The arrests appeared to be the crown prince’s latest step to make good on his ambitious modernization plans and to further consolidate the remarkable degree of power he has amassed at age 32 over military, foreign, economic and social [...]

Saudi Arabia Arrests 11 Princes, Including Billionaire Alwaleed bin Talal

4 months ago | 0 comment
The king had decreed the creation of a powerful new anti-corruption committee, headed by the crown prince, only hours before the committee ordered the arrests. Al Arabiya said that the anticorruption committee has the right to investigate, [...]

Saudi Prince’s Elevation Will Have Far-Reaching Consequences in Energy

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Supporters say the 31-year-old prince will bring youthful energy and a fresh eye to the kingdom’s most valuable export, using it to help modernize and diversify the economy. Detractors, however, charge that he is inexperienced and prone to [...]