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‘He’s going through a pretty rough time’: Avenatti crashes and burns

The most serious threat to Michael Avenatti’s political ambition is a still-pending domestic violence case in Los Angeles. | Mario Tama/Getty Images 2020 Election Some of the attorney’s most loyal supporters question whether he [...]

‘Pretty ballsy’: How McConnell and Trump blew away Senate Democrats

President Donald Trump’s personal investment in the Senate along with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s decision to fight on friendly territory sealed the deal. | Andrew Harnik/AP Photo The Senate leader made an early tactical [...]

Germany Dispatch: Face Paint, Balloons and ‘White Power’: German Neo-Nazis Put On a Pretty Face

LEINEFELDE, Germany — The children came colorfully dressed to the family festival. They tumbled around an inflatable bounce house and in neon-colored sacks, wearing face paint and bright smiles. Scattered amid the children’s games [...]
Trump Lawyers Pretty Sure Robert Mueller Interviews Are VERY ILLEGAL. Sure, Why Not!
This thing is great for twitter reception What is that lunatic banging on about now? Can we get someone to babysit him on the weekends since Melon has noped out and he clearly can’t be left alone in a dirty diaper for hours on end? There [...]
‘He Pretty Much Gave In to Whatever They Asked For’
In 1985, Tony Schwartz, a writer for New York magazine, was sitting in Donald Trump’s office in Trump Tower interviewing him for a story. Trump told him he had agreed to write a book for Random House. “Well, if you’re going to write [...]
Maine Gov. Paul LePage Tells Maine Voters To Suck His Dick, Pretty Much (This Is A Post About Medicaid)
Guess what body part I’m being? Oh, you guessed! Even as he’s in his final year as governor of Maine, Paul LePage has been remarkably consistent in keeping his pledge to be the biggest asshole he can possibly be. Last November, Maine voters [...]
‘It could be pretty painful’ when Pruitt faces Congress
When Scott Pruitt returns to Capitol Hill on Thursday, he will find few friends ready to greet him — and an audience of one waiting to determine his fate. Republicans say they aren’t going to give the Environmental Protection [...]
This One Idiot Pretty Sure James Comey Framed Trump For All His Russian Pee Crimes
raaaaaaaain, feel it on my fingertips, see it on the windowpane, that pee’s flowin’ down like … Usually we don’t bother too much with things written by dumb Trump idiots, because if you’ve read one, you’ve read them all. Every Republican [...]
Pretty Sure Donald Trump Just Added The ‘My Pillow’ Guy To His Team Of Rent-A-Lawyers
Either a week ago or a year ago, we do not even know, Maggie Haberman reported in the New York Times that Donald Trump had interviewed Emmet Flood, a longtime DC lawyer who helped Bill Clinton during his blowjob impeachment, possibly in hopes [...]
Tennessee Republicans Pretty Sure Nazi Lives Matter Too
Well OF COURSE there are ‘Cute Hitler’ images on the interwebs. State Rep. John Ray Clemmons is a Democrat in Tennessee’s House of Representatives, and he thought maybe, what with all the hate and division in our politics these days, [...]