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Inside the Beltway: ‘I watched the president unite people’

Multiple polls have revealed that Americans are tired of political discord and partisan attacks, which started when President Trump ran for office, and continue as he approaches his second anniversary in office. The public associates this rigid [...]

Interpol Meets to Select New President After Leader’s Arrest in China

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Interpol gathered police chiefs from around the world in Dubai on Sunday to select a new president, months after the global crime-fighting agency’s former leader was abruptly arrested by China on corruption [...]

Sri Lanka’s President Finally Checked: Court Rules to Bring Back Parliament

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court on Tuesday blocked the president from dissolving Parliament, raising the possibility that the former prime minister could reclaim the post after weeks of unnerving political drama. Sri [...]

President Melania

In today’s podcast, Cliff and I talk about Trump’s disastrous Veterans Day holiday in which he once again dissed the troops; we then have a big election recap, looking at the overall numbers and just how well Democrats did (spoiler: REALLY [...]

Turkey’s President Says Recording of Khashoggi’s Killing Was Given to U.S.

WASHINGTON — Turkey said on Saturday that it had turned over an audio recording of the killing of a Saudi dissident to the United States and other Western countries, intensifying the pressure on President Trump to take stronger punitive [...]

Sri Lanka President Dissolves Parliament Amid Power Struggle

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — The president of Sri Lanka dissolved the country’s Parliament on Friday night and called for elections in January to choose new lawmakers, a move that critics said was illegal, and that deepened a two-week-old [...]

Turkey’s President Invokes NATO Solidarity in Killing of Jamal Khashoggi

ISTANBUL — Turkey’s president lashed out again at Saudi Arabia over the killing of the Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi, and turned up pressure on the kingdom by invoking the NATO alliance as a means to ensure the perpetrators will [...]

Romanian president dismisses chief anti-corruption prosecutor

Laura Codruța Kövesi was praised in the West for going after corrupt officials. Romanian President Klaus Iohannis signed a decree Monday to dismiss the country’s leading anti-corruption figure, Laura Codruța Kövesi, [...]

Trump-Nato summit or how the United States president does not understand basic math

Trump-Nato summit or how the United States president does not understand basic math (see also 'jingoism') Trump-Nato summit: EU's Tusk warns president to appreciate allies (OP: Source has video that won't embed) "Appreciate [...]

Gillum hits back at Trump after president calls him a ‘thief’

Democrat Andrew Gillum is the first black nominee from any major party for governor of Florida. | Mike Stocker/South Florida Sun-Sentinel via AP elections By MATTHEW CHOI 10/29/2018 12:07 PM EDT Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ [...]