06012020What's Hot:

‘Europe’s Moment’? Coronavirus Recovery Plan Might Bolster E.U. Power: Live Coverage

‘This is Europe’s moment’: A recovery plan could move the E.U. closer to central government. For decades, even when the 2008 financial crisis threatened to blow the bloc apart, the European Union’s wealthier nations resisted [...]

The Southern Democrat with the power to shut down Trump’s convention

*/ ]]> North Carolina Roy Cooper has got a doozy on his hands. He’s a Democratic governor, up for reelection in a Republican-leaning Southern swing state, pushing a go-slow approach to reopening the economy as protests intensify [...]

For Autocrats, Coronavirus Is a Chance to Grab Even More Power

LONDON — In Hungary, the prime minister can now rule by decree. In Britain, ministers have what a critic called “eye-watering” power to detain people and close borders. Israel’s prime minister has shut down courts and begun [...]

Coming to a Country Near You: A Russian Nuclear Power Plant

A big part of Rosatom’s success in winning so many contracts comes from the provision of credits to finance the plants. Ted Jones, director for national security and international programs at the Nuclear Energy Institute in Washington, [...]

Adam Schiff FISA reform intervention protects FBI power

Attempts to rein in the government’s ability to spy on Americans fell flat after Rep. Adam B. Schiff intervened to protect the types of powers that the FBI used to go after the Trump campaign in 2016. Mr. Schiff, California Democrat and chairman [...]

Democrats choose power over fashion

*/ ]]> For the better part of a year, the Democratic Party conversation has been a bit like a fickle shopper trying on the latest fashions. Do you have anything in youthful insurgent? Or perhaps a progressive with plans? You know, [...]

Dershowitz’s power play, name-dropping Bolton and a Trump team stumble: The moments that mattered in the Senate Q&A

Attorney Alan Dershowitz, a member of President Donald Trump’s legal team, said a president could do virtually anything as long as it’s in service of winning reelection. | Mario Tama/Getty Images */ ]]> Senators finally got [...]

Putin and the Art of Stepping Down Gracefully While Keeping a Grip on Power

In the Russian system, alliances of business oligarchs, generals, governors, intelligence officers and oil company chiefs compete for power and money. Mostly out of public view, they disseminate kompromat, or comprising information about each [...]

Bradley Byrne, Alabama Republican, pushes to censure Nancy Pelosi for abuse of power

A Republican lawmaker is moving to censure House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over her unprecedented move of holding onto the articles of impeachment for more than three weeks — an event that’s never occurred in the nation’s history. Rep. Bradley [...]

Venezuela’s Maduro Claims Control of National Assembly, Tightening Grip on Power

The United States condemned the move. Michael Kozak, acting assistant secretary for the Department of State’s Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, said Mr. Guaidó “remains Venezuela’s interim president under its Constitution,” [...]