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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Kills More Than 100 in China This Year

“It’s often the case that by the time medical workers break into the door, it’s already too late,” Yang Shixiong, the director of an emergency medical center in Nanning, the capital of Guangxi, told China National Radio. “Every [...]

Michigan Officials Charged With Poisoning People To Death In Flint. Good.

This is Little Miss Flint, who probably knows more about public health policy by now than you do. WONKERS! WONKERS WE HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR ONCE! IT IS A NICE TIME! OK so you remember how we live in just the greatest nation in the world and we [...]

U.N. Offers Regret but No Compensation for Kosovo Poisoning Victims

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The United Nations said it would create a trust fund for projects to help the Roma, also known as Gypsies, and other people who lived in the camps. But the trust fund comes with no money, only a pledge to call for contributions from international [...]

UN: 200,000 die each year from pesticide poisoning

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UN: 200,000 die each year from pesticide poisoning Report says pesticides are having 'catastrophic impacts' on human health and environment while failing to end hunger. Farmers are among those affected most by pesticide poisoning [Getty [...]