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Theresa May Is Warned She Cannot Hold a Third Vote on Her Brexit Plan

LONDON — After two crushing defeats in Parliament for her plan for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May nonetheless had high hopes of cajoling or threatening enough recalcitrant lawmakers to win [...]

Trump answers rebuke of border plan with a veto

WASHINGTON (AP) – Unbowed by a congressional rebuke, President Donald Trump issued the first veto of his presidency in a demonstration that he is not through fighting for his signature campaign promise, which stands largely unfulfilled [...]

The Brexit Plan Just Failed Again in Parliament: What Happened, and What’s Next?

• Britain’s Parliament on Tuesday soundly defeated Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan to exit the European Union, a 391 to 242 vote that is likely to delay Brexit and could derail it entirely. It is a devastating blow to Mrs. May [...]

Kushner Met With Saudi Crown Prince to Push Mideast Peace Plan

ISTANBUL — Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, met with the Saudi king and crown prince during a tour of the Middle East to try to build momentum for his long-awaited plan for peace between Israel and [...]

Donald Trump wall plan hits National Butterfly Center

The National Butterfly Center sits on the U.S.-Mexico border, at the very crossroads of President Trump’s wall-building plans, which means last week brought the best of news, and the worst of news. In the course of a few hours Thursday, the [...]

Plan to honor former mayor convicted of bribery

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) – A plan to honor a former Alabama mayor who went to prison for bribery is sparking disagreement in Birmingham. Birmingham’s current mayor, Randall Woodfin, has proposed renaming a city recreational facility for [...]

The plan to keep Trump’s taxes hidden

The battle between Treasury, led by Steven Mnuchin (left), and the Democrats could plunge the country into yet another norm-breaking moment for the Trump presidency — with the fight stretching on for months and well into the 2020 campaign. [...]

Alex Azar says prescription drug rebate plan gives savings to patients

The Trump administration on Thursday said it wants prescription-drug rebates that are extended to obscure middlemen in the supply chain to be passed directly to patients instead. The Health and Human Services Department says its proposed shakeup [...]

Trump backs off attempt to rebrand his border wall plan: ‘A WALL is a WALL!’

The White House has struggled to rebrand President Donald Trump’s proposed “big, beautiful wall” as a structure that is more politically palatable. | Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> President [...]

White House preps emergency wall plan while Congress negotiates

President Donald Trump met with his budget chief, acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and other top officials including White House lawyers on Tuesday to walk through the logistics of declaring a national emergency. | Evan Vucci/AP Photo White [...]