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Australian Nun Who Criticized Duterte to Leave Philippines

MANILA — An Australian nun who had criticized President Rodrigo Duterte’s policies, including his brutal war on drugs, was scheduled to fly home from the Philippines on Saturday, more than six months after the president ordered [...]

Aussie nun who angered Duterte forced to leave Philippines

MANILA, Philippines (AP) – An Australian nun who angered the Philippine president by joining anti-government protests has called on Filipinos to unite and fight human rights abuses ahead of her forced departure from the country. Sister [...]

Philippines Struck by Another Deadly Landslide, Days After Typhoon

MANILA — A landslide struck a village in the central Philippines on Thursday, burying up to 25 homes and killing at least 12 people. Officials said heavy rains in the days since Typhoon Mangkhut hit the country had contributed to [...]

Philippines Dispatch: Drawn by Gold, Drowned in Mud: Typhoon Kills Philippine Miners

ITOGON, Philippines — A month ago, Jes Feliciano struck gold. The ingot was the size of a coin, and it brought the 16-year-old miner more money than he ever imagined. On Monday evening, Mr. Feliciano got a reminder that what the Cordillera [...]

Live Briefing: Typhoon Mangkhut: At Least 43 Bodies Found in Philippines Landslide

The air travel disruptions that rippled across Asia from the storm continued into Monday. Some flights arrived at and departed Hong Kong’s airport Monday morning, but many others were canceled or delayed. Rose Marie Nuevo, 32, a domestic [...]

At Typhoon’s Eye in Philippines, Whipping Debris and Fervent Prayers

APARRI, Philippines — A day after Typhoon Mangkhut tore through the Philippines, officials began to discover that the human toll from the storm was worse than they had thought. In Benguet Province, in the western highlands of northern [...]

Live Briefing: Typhoon Mangkhut: Storm Hits China as Philippines Searches for Dozens Buried in Slides

Hong Kong is used to fierce storms, but when Typhoon Mangkhut struck the city on Sunday, it soon became clear that this one was different. Wind gusts as strong as 120 miles an hour swept through the city, rocking tall buildings and fueling [...]

Typhoon Mangkhut Wreaks Havoc in Philippines, Leaving at Least 16 Dead

CLAVERIA, Philippines — Typhoon Mangkhut, which meteorologists called the most powerful storm in the world this year, swept through the northern end of the Philippine island of Luzon, leaving at least 16 people dead and wreaking havoc. [...]

Live Briefing: Typhoon Mangkhut: Storm Slams Philippines on Landfall

Associated Press journalists sheltering in a hotel in Tuguegarao early Saturday reported seeing tin roof sheets and other debris hurtling through the air and store signs crashing to the ground. Meteorologists in Manila said even the typhoon’s [...]

Philippines Is Haunted by Chaos of Earlier Storm as Typhoon Mangkhut Hits

SHANGHAI — As Typhoon Mangkhut starts to land its blow on the northern Philippines, the country’s leaders are haunted by the devastating experience of Typhoon Haiyan five years before, when a tsunami-like storm surge and gusts of [...]