02222019What's Hot:
Rick Perry stuck in pig manure: Russian pranksters troll energy secretary
If Rick Perry thought his most embarrassing political moment was forgetting the name of the Energy Department at a 2011 presidential debate, he was wrong. Thanks to a pair of Russian prank callers, the energy secretary has emerged as someone [...]
“Here’s a little economics lesson”: Rick Perry fails to explain supply and demand
Energy Secretary Rick Perry attempted to offer up an economics lesson while touring a coal plant in West Virginia on Thursday. He somehow managed to only confuse people. “Here’s a little economics lesson: supply and demand,” Perry [...]

Oh Poor Dumb Pretty Rick Perry

These new Coal Dogs are the BEST! Rick Perry, who really is the Secretary of Energy even though he has no idea what that is, visited the Longview Power Plant near Morgantown, West Virginia, today, to see if the place lived up to all the hype [...]
Rick Perry blames ocean for climate change: Energy secretary once again denies scientific consensus
Energy Secretary Rick Perry, like Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt, is reluctant to acknowledge the scientific evidence for man-made climate change. When asked on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” to admit that the primary [...]
Rick Perry sued by home state of Texas to recover funds for unused nuclear waste site
Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry used to brag about how often his state sued to try to stop the Obama administration. Texas is still suing, but now it’s Mr. Perry, the newly minted Energy Department secretary, who’s facing the lawsuit, as the [...]

Rick Perry All In A Tizzy About This One Gay College Boy!

serious person You might have seen this headline and thought, “My prayer chain worked, and the energy secretary has finally found romance!” But you would be incorrect. But it’s springtime, so maybe there is hope for him to find true love! [...]

Ben Carson, Rick Perry confirmed to Cabinet posts

Amidst calls for recusal and resignation from recently appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Senate voted to confirm two new Cabinet members. In a 58-41 vote, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson was confirmed as secretary of Housing and [...]

Rick Perry was blowing bubbles during Trump’s swearing in

Home News Rick Perry was blowing bubbles during Trump’s swearing in Donald Trump’s Energy Secretary pick, former Texas Governor Rick Perry, was busy blowing bubbles while Trump was being sworn in. What more is there to say. Here’s [...]

Rick Perry Sorry For Being Idiot, Will Definitely Not Try Harder Next Time

GIGGLE Did you all watch Rick Perry’s confirmation hearing? He had one! The dumb former Texas governor is, of course, Donald Trump’s nominee for Energy secretary, and he made all kinds of hilarious news before his hearing even started, [...]

Rick Perry to Al Franken: ‘I hope you’re as much fun on that dais as you were on your couch’

In an exchange that might as well have been lifted from a late-night comedy sketch, former Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Al Franken shared an uncomfortable laugh Thursday morning about the “fun” they recently had on the senator’s couch. Mr. [...]