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Protest at Gaza Fence Is Mostly Peaceful as Both Sides Urge Restraint

NAHAL OZ, Israel — Tens of thousands of Palestinians returned to the borderland between Gaza and Israel on Saturday for a largely peaceful protest marking the first anniversary of demonstrations that have frequently led to violent [...]
With Cameras Rolling, Korea’s Leaders Put a Peaceful Spin on Propaganda
Once on the South side of the Demilitarized Zone, the stretch of land that makes up the border and in which the summit meeting took place, Mr. Kim inspected a military honor guard. Though the DMZ is heavily fortified and security was [...]
News Analysis: Hamas Sees Gaza Protests as Peaceful — and as a ‘Deadly Weapon’
Few analysts, and certainly few Israelis, have suggested that Hamas may actually be rethinking its strategy merely because it has joined what are meant to be nonviolent mass protests and has name-checked the heroes of peaceful civil disobedience. “It’s [...]
Catalonia’s Ousted Leader Calls for Peaceful Defiance
Spain’s deputy prime minister, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, will take over the Catalan administration from Madrid. Photo Catalonia’s ousted leader, Carles Puigdemont, called on Saturday for Catalans to unite in [...]
Dindu Nuffin! Charlottesville Antifa Thugs attack peaceful Heritage Activists with Fire!
Typical of their kind … http://www.leagueofthesouth.com/http://www.dixienet.org/ http://www.occidentaldissent.com/ Source: Political Cartoons
Unlike the I.S.I.S.-like Antifa dressed like black Klansmen, Confederates are peaceful.
Not one Store looted, not one Fire set, not one Cop shot or injured by Confederate States of America Supporters. Antifa is doing all of that dressed up like black Ninjas … or as I call them, the “Tan Klan.” Source: [...]
Trump rushes to Twitter to slam peaceful anti-racist protesters in Boston
Protesters against the alt-right are now “anti-police agitators” to the president, apparently. Tens of thousands of people came out to protest white supremacists in Boston on Saturday and Donald Trump rushed to Twitter to suggest they [...]
Portland Nazi Rally Pretty Peaceful, You Know, For A Nazi Rally
Way to go, smart, measured policing Racist assholes went ahead and held a “Trump Free Speech Rally” Sunday after Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler failed to shut it down, because the First Amendment really is the law. Outnumbered about ten to [...]