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Italy’s Berlusconi rebounds again to run for EU parliament

ROME (AP) – Silvio Berlusconi is back. Again. The three-time Italian premier, who has made a career out of rebounding from legal woes, personal scandal, heart trouble and political setbacks, announced Thursday he is running for the European [...]

Greek Leader Survives Confidence Vote in Parliament

ATHENS — Prime Minister Alexis Tsipris of Greece survived a late-night confidence vote on Wednesday as two days of acrimonious debate ended with Greek lawmakers delivering him a razor-thin victory to hold his government together. Mr. [...]

May and Brexit Face Uncertain Future After Crushing Defeat in Parliament

LONDON — Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday suffered a humiliating defeat over her plan to withdraw Britain from the European Union, thrusting the country further into political chaos with only 10 weeks to go until it is scheduled [...]

Live Briefing: Brexit Vote: Parliament to Decide on E.U. Withdrawal Plan

For Britain, the big vote is finally here. After two and a half years of negotiation, argument, predictions and posturing, Parliament will finally decide on Tuesday on a bill that dictates the terms of Britain’s departure from the [...]

For Theresa May, Still at Odds With Parliament, the Brexit Walls Are Closing In

LONDON — Prime Minister Theresa May often puts off critical decisions over Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, or Brexit, hoping to wear down opponents through doggedness and determination. But her room to maneuver is [...]

Kosovo Parliament Votes to Create an Army, Defying Serbia and NATO

PRISTINA, Kosovo — Kosovo’s Parliament overwhelmingly approved legislation on Friday to form an army, prompting criticism from NATO and European Union officials and angering neighboring Serbia, which said it was prepared to use its own [...]

Supporters of Rajapaksa walk out of Sri Lankan Parliament

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) – Lawmakers opposed to disputed Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa won control of a key committee setting Parliament’s agenda during a crucial vote on Friday that dealt a severe blow to his government. Sri Lanka [...]

After APEC Meeting, Police Storm Papua New Guinea Parliament, Demanding Pay

Disgruntled police officers and other workers stormed the Parliament building in Papua New Guinea on Tuesday, breaking glass and overturning furniture as they demanded to be paid for their work during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation [...]

Another Twist in Sri Lanka: Parliament Votes Rajapaksa Out

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — A majority of Sri Lankan lawmakers voted Wednesday morning to remove Mahinda Rajapaksa as prime minister, saying that his appointment last month was illegal. Mr. Rajapaksa is considered the strongman of Sri Lankan [...]

Sri Lanka’s President Finally Checked: Court Rules to Bring Back Parliament

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court on Tuesday blocked the president from dissolving Parliament, raising the possibility that the former prime minister could reclaim the post after weeks of unnerving political drama. Sri [...]