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Pain and Sense of Betrayal as Canada G.M. Factory Closes After a Century

OSHAWA, Ontario — General Motors has been making cars in Oshawa, Ontario, for more than a century in factories that once employed upward of 40,000 people, so the company’s announcement on Monday that it would stop production brought [...]

Trump apologizes to Brett Kavanaugh for “pain and suffering” during swearing-in ceremony

President Trump apologized to Supreme CourtJustice Brett M. Kavanaugh for Democrats’ smear campaign Monday night during a ceremonial swearing-in at the White House, capping a week of victories for President Trump and giving a major boost [...]

‘Tough decisions have to be made’: House Republicans prepare for pain

During a House GOP Conference meeting this spring, NRCC Chairman Steve Stivers told members not to expect the party to bail them out later in the campaign if they failed to pull their weight. | Alex Wong/Getty Images elections Party [...]
Theresa May Gonna Put Putin In A Lorry TO PAIN TOWN, Population HIM!
Not the hero we want but We’ve been closely following the story of how Russia sure SEEMS to have poisoned former Russian spy-turned MI6 informant Sergei Skripal and his daughter in broad daylight in Salisbury, UK, especially once we learned [...]
Mike Pence Has This Terrible Pain In All The Diodes Down His Left Side
Question to Vice President Pence about Rob Porter: “Can you comment on why you often seem a little bit out of the loop on some of this major news?” pic.twitter.com/oi5vt8iKS5 — CSPAN (@cspan) February [...]
Brought Together by Pain, 3 Girls Forced Into Marriage Have New Dreams
Gul Meena was illegally married at age 13. When she discovered that she had become the third wife of a grandfather, she ran away in horror. Her brother and uncle, intent on avenging the family’s honor, tracked her down and attacked [...]

Letter 19: American Shooting, Australian Pain

How or why would the officer shoot? Did he feel threatened somehow? Was his training too focused on risk rather than public assistance, or was there some other reason? We don’t yet have clear answers to these questions, or many others. [...]
President Mike Pence Would Be in for a World of Pain
If any political pundit has learned anything over the last year—which is doubtful—that lesson is never to write off Donald Trump, who has time and again shown a Road Runner-like resilience that has both surprised and just plain ticked [...]
Pain of Deportation Swells When Children Are Left Behind
But the homecoming is never the end of the story. The sequel is rarely simple, and for those with children left behind, it is agonizing. Under President Trump’s more aggressive enforcement policies, arrests of undocumented immigrants [...]
Where’s the empathy for black poverty and pain?
In the 1890s, sociologist W.E.B. Du Bois noticed something disturbing about how Americans viewed the plight of blacks in Philadelphia who had suffered through unsanitary living conditions, high rates of consumption and back-breaking labor. “The [...]