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Trump owns the shutdown. And he’s OK with that.

Amid all the disarray, President Donald Trump is resuming a partisan mantle he views as a unifier for the right: border warrior. | Evan Vucci/AP Photo Government Shutdown The president spent the weekend digging in on his position, and [...]
Malcolm Nance: “Russia owns Trump”
In my latest UnPresidented Podcast episode, Cliff Schecter and I speak with former intelligence officer, and national security expert, Malcolm Nance about his upcoming new book, “The Plot to Destroy Democracy,” and his shocking claim that [...]
Who Owns the Vikings? Pagans, Neo-Nazis and Advertisers Tussle Over Symbols
“I am so sick of those questions,” said Stenar Sonevang, the spokesman of the pagan group, the Nordic Asa Community. The chant, explained Mr. Sonevang, “has got nothing to do with the Nazis, I promise you.” Photo [...]
Resolving Who Owns What Land Lies at Heart of Zimbabwe’s Future
Volunteer lawyers helped delay the villagers’ eviction in the courts even as the police intensified their campaign on the ground. Starting last March, the police began coming nearly every day to harass the residents. One reason the [...]
Who Owns Anbang of China? A U.S. Labor Union Wants to Know.
The charges add to Anbang’s mounting headaches. Its chairman, Wu Xiaohui, was detained in China in June. The company, which owns the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York and spent more than $ 6 billion for a collection of luxury hotels [...]

Sean Hannity Buys Art Masterpiece For Donald Trump, Just As Classy As Anything Else Trump Owns

Next: Unleash the Precious Moments figurines! Great news, America! Jon McNaughton, America’s Greatest Artist (after whoever came up with the chrome nekkid-lady mud flap silhouette) has an important announcement on the Tweetors machine! Looks [...]