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Palermo Journal: Not Just a Pretty Facade, Palermo’s Opera Is an Anti-Mafia Symbol

The Teatro particularly targeted the younger generation. It started a Rainbow Choir made up of children of immigrants, for many of whom Sicily is their first landing place in Europe. “In our community, migrants are an important part,” [...]

Transgender Brazilians Embrace Hit Soap Opera: ‘Now You Can See Us.’

The television show dramatizes some of those struggles faced by transgender people. In one scene, Ivan cuts off his long hair, a highly valued sign of femininity in Brazilian culture, and much of the soap opera revolves around Ivan’s [...]

Rome Journal: Putting ‘Don Giovanni’ on a Truck, and Returning Opera to Its Roots

12 months ago | 0 comment
ROME — On a steamy evening in late June, Lisa Scen, a retired cook of inscrutable age, donned a simple beige dress and glittery earrings and prepared to go to her first night at the opera. Actually, the opera came to her. The OperaCamion, [...]

Canada Today: Ice in Many Forms, the Past as Opera and Real Estate

1 year ago | 0 comment
The experience left me truly moved. There we were, standing on the Dettah Ice Road, 6.5 kilometers (four miles) of ice spanning Yellowknife Bay. As trucks and cars rumbled by in the faint winter sun, I gazed in awe at the ice below my [...]