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Huang Qi, Online Dissident and Rights Advocate in China, Faces Trial

BEIJING — One of China’s most prominent human rights activists, the blogger Huang Qi, went on trial on Monday on charges of leaking state secrets, and American diplomats seeking to attend the proceedings said they had been denied [...]

‘A 5-alarm fire’: GOP desperate to match Dems’ online ATM

Illinois Republican Rep. Rodney Davis’ fundraising was outpaced by more than two-to-one from July to September, wiping out his early money advantage. | Jeff Roberson/AP Photo Elections The gaping cash disparity in the midterms [...]

In Georgia, online voting system problems alleged

ATLANTA (AP) – Georgia’s online voter database morphed into a last-minute curveball in one of the nation’s hottest governor’s races, with Republican nominee Brian Kemp making a hacking allegation against Democrats just as reports [...]

Study: Online attacks on Jews ramp up before Election Day

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (AP) – A Jewish civil rights group’s study concludes far-right extremists have ramped up an anti-Semitic wave of harassment against Jewish journalists and political candidates ahead of next month’s U.S. midterm elections. A [...]
Is Kim Jong-un Visiting Beijing? Online Video Fuels Speculation
But even the closest watchers of Mr. Kim’s activities were unsure who was on the train. Some residents in Beijing shared images of what seemed to be a motorcade of 20 or so cars speeding through the city, but those images could not [...]
Despite Trump’s Pleas, China’s Online Opioid Bazaar Is Booming
Mr. Trump, who has accused China of being the main source of the “flood of cheap and deadly fentanyl” into America, has pledged to raise the issue as a top priority when he meets Mr. Xi for talks on Thursday. In a news conference [...]
Kidnappers Plotted to Sell British Model Online, Italian Police Say
Photo A photo released by the Italian police showed a man identified as Lukasz Pawel Herba. Credit Polizia di Stato A Polish citizen has been charged [...]

Saudi Religious Police Search for Woman Who Wore Miniskirt in Online Video

The video, and the debate on social media that followed, exposed a rift below the country’s tightly policed surface. Some people on Twitter called the woman brave and accused Saudi Arabia of hypocrisy for often celebrating the beauty [...]

New details emerge proving Trump campaign and Russia both went after online Clinton supporters

This article originally appeared on AlterNet. Donald Trump’s campaign was working in parallel with Russian anti-Hillary Clinton propaganda efforts, although the specific nature of their cooperation has yet to emerge, according to new analyses [...]
Comey testimony watched by nearly 20 million TV viewers, millions more online
Nearly 20 million television viewers tuned in Thursday to watch former FBI Director James Comey testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee about his relationship with President Trump, the Nielsen ratings service said Friday. About 19.5 [...]