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Amnesty Offer Could Oust Maduro. Critics Call It a Road to Impunity.

Ignacio Porras, 48, looked ashen as he described spending agonizing nights hanging from a cable clipped to his handcuffed hands behind his back. Rosa Virginia González Arizmendi, 26, recounted how one of her guards would dangle his penis [...]

Shutdown goes on as Trump offer doesn’t budge Democrats

WASHINGTON (AP) – Thirty-one days into the partial government shutdown, Democrats and Republicans appeared no closer to ending the impasse than when it began, with President Donald Trump lashing out at his opponents after they dismissed [...]

Senate GOP adds disaster aid, spending stopgap to Trump’s immigration offer

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Saturday said the Senate will take up the package in the coming week. | Alex Wong/Getty Images Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> Senate Republicans plan to include $ 12.7 billion [...]

Full text: Trump’s shutdown offer to Dems

President Donald Trump speaks about the partial government shutdown in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House on Saturday. | Alex Brandon/AP Photo Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> President Donald Trump’s [...]

Immigration hardliners blast Trump’s shutdown deal offer

“So if we grant citizenship to a BILLION foreigners, maybe we can finally get a full border wall,” tweeted conservative media commentator Ann Coulter. | Rich Polk/Getty Images for Politicon Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ [...]

Taiwan’s President, Defying Xi Jinping, Calls Unification Offer ‘Impossible’

TAIPEI, Taiwan — President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan called on Saturday for domestic and international support of the island’s de facto independence, days after China’s leader, Xi Jinping, warned that unification with China was inevitable. “It [...]

Waging War From a Hotel Basement: Colombian Rebels Offer Hostages and Ask for Talks

HAVANA — The rebels have blown up oil pipelines and blasted police stations in Colombia with homemade bombs. They take over highways, shutting down parts of the country for days. They have killed soldiers in ambushes — and kept [...]

Ordinary Iranians on Trump Talks Offer: ‘Why Not Try the Americans?’

[unable to retrieve full-text content] As the economic pressure on ordinary Iranians intensifies, many seem to be questioning their leadership’s resolve not to talk with President Trump. Source: NYT > World

Trump to offer farmers $12B in trade aid

President Donald Trump in April directed Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue to devise a plan to mitigate any financial damage to U.S. agricultural producers’ bottom lines. [...]

Who Is Bill Browder, Kremlin Foe Singled Out in Putin’s Offer?

[unable to retrieve full-text content] William F. Browder, an investor, has led a global human rights fight against the Kremlin that has resulted in sanctions being leveled against Russian officials, becoming a thorn in Mr. Putin’s [...]