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‘The risk paid off’: How Apple prevailed in the U.S.-China trade war

“It does, at times, take a Tim Cook, an Apple, to get the kind of attention that can be heard above the political noise,” White House officials economic adviser Larry Kudlow said. | Spencer Platt/Getty Images Share on Facebook [...]

Philippines Dispatch: Brazen Crocodile Preys on a Philippine Town: ‘It Was Like He Was Showing Off’

BALABAC, Philippines — On the November day when Cornelio Bonite disappeared, a crocodile was spotted in the water with a human arm clasped in its jaws. “It was like he was showing off,” said Efren Portades, 67, a watchman in the [...]
Laura Ingraham Taking ‘Week Off’ At Big Happy Farm Where She Can Run And Play With Bill O’Reilly
Wait, when was she on ABC? Oh, 2014 — in The Before Times Laura Ingraham announced Friday she’d be taking a week off for Easter break, and no, heavens no, she isn’t stepping away from her Fox News set just because advertisers have been [...]
‘Off the rails’: House Russia probe hits new low
Mistrust, anger and charges of skullduggery between Democrats and Republicans have hobbled the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation for months. Hope Hicks and a pair of frustrated senators may have finally broken it. Story [...]
Karl Rove burns Steve Bannon: “White House and the country are better off” with him gone
Karl Rove, who famously served as Senior Adviser and Deputy Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush, has some harsh words for Steve Bannon regarding his recent departure from Donald Trump’s White House. “Mr. Bannon is not the first [...]

Bentley lawyer: Impeachment investigation ‘off the rails”

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – Gov. Robert Bentley has filed an emergency request with an impeachment committee to stop the group’s special counsel from releasing a report next week and pushing for a quick impeachment vote. Attorney Ross Garber [...]
Trump vows massive infrastructure spending: ‘Off of welfare and back to work rebuilding our country’
Moments after he was sworn in as the nation’s 45th commander in chief, President Donald Trump said he’ll get Americans “off of welfare and back to work rebuilding our country,” vowing to make massive investments in new roads, bridges, [...]

‘Trump On’ or ‘Trump Off’?

If you’ve been watching markets on a daily basis, as I have for the past 20-plus years, you know that there are various periods when trading has shown certain specific characteristics. In the 1990s, it was “buy the dip” in Internet [...]

Paul Ryan’s repeal promise: Nobody will be “worse off” during Obamacare transition

After some initial uncertainty as to how they would try and dismantle the Affordable Care Act, Republican leaders in Congress seem to be settling on a strategy: Vote to repeal the health reform law as soon as possible, but delay implementing [...]

Van Jones tells Trump supporter Kayleigh “you need to back off”

Donald Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany decided she was going to school progressive commentator Van Jones on CNN tonight on all the “unfair” press Donald Trump has gotten for being an extremist. As Kayleigh explains it, Donald Trump is [...]