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Obama campaign guru: Trump would love to run against Bernie

Jim Messina, former campaign manager for former President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election. | Frank Polich/Getty Images */ ]]> Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign manager is warning that Democrats would struggle in a general election [...]

‘Racism permeates everything’: Running as a black candidate after Obama

*/ ]]> When Kamala Harris dropped out two weeks ago, it hit Cory Booker hard. She may have been his rival in the race for the Democratic nomination, but her exit represented something bigger. If Harris — a friend of Booker’s and the [...]

Michelle Obama Is Waiting In The Wings.

Facebook Twitter Email Print The American presidential campaign season never really ends; it merely slows down or accelerates. Just as many opponents of President Donald Trump began to consider how he might be removed from office on the day [...]

Waiting for Obama

*/ ]]> Today, almost every Democratic presidential campaign starts with what one close adviser to Barack Obama calls “The Pilgrimage”: the journey to the West End to meet the former president. The West End of Washington, D.C., sandwiched [...]

To defeat Trump, Dems rethink the Obama coalition formula

*/ ]]> Stirred by fears that Democrats might fail to patch together the broad coalition necessary to defeat Donald Trump next year, the late stages of the Democratic primary have taken an abrupt turn. Suddenly, a contest that has been largely [...]

Barack Obama: ‘Everybody needs to chill out about the candidates’

Former President Barack Obama said Thursday that Democrats need to “chill out” with analyzing every difference between the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates and focus more on rallying behind “whoever emerges” as the star. Speaking [...]

How Kamala Harris Went From ‘Female Obama’ to Fifth Place

*/ ]]> Nine years ago, Kamala Harris was behind in her race for California attorney general, trailing by a handful of percentage points to Steve Cooley, a moderate Republican with deep roots in Southern California. An older white guy, Cooley [...]

Donald Trump: Ukraine whistleblower is ‘Obama guy,’ has no credibility

President Trump said Sunday he’s heard reports the whistleblower, who is accusing him of wrongdoing in dealings with Ukraine, has no credibility because he’s an “Obama guy.” The president told reporters he’s heard the whistleblower [...]

The issue that Obama alums think could doom Elizabeth Warren

*/ ]]> An Elizabeth Warren event is like the candidate herself: well-organized, precise, unpretentious. The candidate, almost always clad in her campaign uniform of black sneakers, black pants and a black camisole covered in a colorful [...]

U.S. Detains Record Number of Child Migrants, Surpassing Crisis Under Obama

TENOSIQUE, Mexico — The United States has detained more children trying to cross the nation’s southwest border on their own over the last year than during any other period on record, surpassing the surge of unaccompanied minors [...]