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Obama to rally for Indiana senator who backs Trump policies

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – Former President Barack Obama’s national campaign tour to boost Democratic candidates takes an unusual path Sunday with an Indiana rally for Sen. Joe Donnelly, who has sounded more like Donald Trump while trying [...]

Obama vs. Trump: Two Americas at war on the Florida campaign trail

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> MIAMI — Barack Obama vs. Donald Trump. “Bring It Home!” vs. “Lock Him Up!” In front of adoring and amped-up crowds this week, the former president and his successor rallied their parties’ [...]

Donald Trump slams legacy of ‘Barack H. Obama’ on campaign trail

President Trump condemned the legacy of former President Barack Obama Friday night with one withering blast at a campaign rally in Indiana. Campaigning for Republican Senate candidate Mike Braun, Mr. Trump noted that Mr. Obama will be stumping [...]

Bill Clinton, Barack Obama at center in rare assassination plots of ex-presidents

More than 30 assassination attempts have been made on U.S. presidents while in office since the 1800s, but this week marks the first time in more than 100 years a retired president has been targeted, historians said. Bombs intercepted this [...]

Potential explosives sent to Clinton, Obama, CNN

The Associated Press reported that the explosive device found at the home of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton was believed to be linked to one that was found at the residence of George Soros. [...]

Donald Trump uses Obama clip to troll Democrats on illegal immigration

Common political ground was reached Tuesday night as President Trump praised former President Barack Obama on Twitter. “I agree with President Obama 100%!” Mr. Trump wrote to a C-SPAN video clip of Mr. Obama speaking when he was a U.S. [...]

Manafort’s pro-Ukraine lobbying campaign reached Obama, Biden

A member of the so-called Hapsburg Group came with a foreign prime minister on May 16, 2013, to meet with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. | Alex Wong/Getty Images Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> Paul [...]

AP FACT CHECK: Obama doesn’t always tell the straight story

WASHINGTON (AP) – Former President Barack Obama’s recent denunciation of President Donald Trump’s treatment of the press overlooks the aggressive steps the Justice Department took to keep information from the public during his administration. [...]

GOP attacks Obama, but doesn’t defend Trump

Barack Obama’s focus on President Donald Trump’s attacks on journalists provided the most openings for calls of hypocrisy. | Ringo H.W. Chiu/AP Photo Politics Leading Republicans took issue with the former president’s scathing [...]

GOP slams Barack Obama for Donald Trump remarks, taking credit for economy

Republican officials said Sunday it was disappointing to see both President Obama break the past example of recent ex-presidents by re-entering the political scene last week with a stinging rebuke of his successor, and for Mr. Obama to try [...]