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Libby Schaaf, Oakland mayor, calls Donald Trump’s bluff on sanctuary cities threat

The mayor of Oakland told President Trump that, contrary to his claims about sanctuary cities, her city would welcome any illegal immigrants without exception. Mr. Trump noted in a tweet that Mayor Libby Schaaf had denounced as an “abuse [...]
Legal Pot Is Notoriously White. Oakland Is Changing That.
OAKLAND—On a Friday in January 2017, the night of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, Ebele Ifedigbo and Lanese Martin welcomed several dozen people to a cozy office in a marijuana-friendly part of the city cheekily nicknamed “Smoakland.” [...]

Civil Rights Nice Time! Oakland Bogarts All Pot Permits For Black People Arrested In War On Drugs!

With Weed and Justice For All Well, this is quite cool: The Oakland City Council has voted to use the process for granting legal marijuana licenses as a means of addressing the racial injustices of the War On Some Drugs. Oakland was already [...]