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Did Nikki Haley Do a Good Job?

*/ ]]> What has Nikki Haley stood for at the United Nations? The U.S. ambassador to the U.N. has been showered with plaudits on announcing her decision to exit at the end of this year. President Donald Trump praised her for making the job [...]

Nikki Haley flips the script on Trump

United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley was one of a handful of administration officials who managed to publicly contradict President Donald Trump and remain in the administration. | Olivier Douliery/AFP/Getty Images White House The United [...]

Nikki Haley resigns as U.N. ambassador

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is meeting with President Trump Tuesday morning amid reports that he has accepted her resignation. Axios reported the timing of her resignation is unclear. Ms. Haley has been a foreign-policy star of the administration, [...]

Nikki Haley resigns as Trump’s U.N. ambassador

Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley has been a forceful presence at the U.N., and recently oversaw the U.S. withdrawing from the U.N. Human Rights Council. | Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images white house The move disrupts the president’s [...]
Nikki Haley Was Through With Your Shit Five Minutes Ago
Operator. More news about the under-bus-throwing of UN Ambassador Nikki Haley! We told you Tuesday about how the Trump White House has been saying Haley is just a big Silly Susan who gets her facts wrong when she goes on TV and announces new [...]
Nikki Haley: My relationship with Trump is ‘perfect’
Nikki Haley continued to take a hard line on Russia, saying that “as we stated previously the U.S. agrees with the U.K.’s assessment that Russia is responsible for [...]
Trump White House Gotta Throw Nikki Haley Under This Bus Real Fast, BRB
Maybe she’ll primary Trump in 2020. Don’t laugh, could happen. A strange thing is happening with Russian sanctions, because there is always a strange thing happening with Russian sanctions in Trump’s America. This weekend, UN Ambassador [...]
An affair with Trump? Nikki Haley on ‘disgusting’ rumors and her rise to a top foreign policy role
Subscribe to Women Rule on Apple Podcasts here. | Subscribe via Stitcher here. NEW YORK — Nikki Haley became a trusted member of Donald Trump’s inner circle over the past year, but she’s recently re-familiarized herself [...]
Nikki Haley was Trump’s Iran whisperer
At a mid-day meeting in the Oval Office in late July, U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley came to President Donald Trump with an offer. Trump had grudgingly declared Tehran in compliance with the 2015 Iran nuclear deal earlier in the month, at the [...]