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AP news guide: Undecided North Carolina congressional race

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – A very close North Carolina congressional race still hasn’t been settled almost a month after Election Day, amid an investigation into alleged absentee ballot fraud that has raised questions about the credibility [...]

News Analysis: How France’s ‘Yellow Vests’ Differ From Populist Movements Elsewhere

PARIS — Too little, too late: That was the reaction of the so-called Yellow Vest protesters to the French government’s sudden retreat this week on a gas tax increase. The Yellow Vests, who have thrown France into turmoil with violent [...]

News Analysis: Netanyahu’s Obsession With Image Could Be His Downfall

Mr. Netanyahu broke up his government rather than let that bill become law, he later asserted. But in forming a new, more staunchly right-wing, coalition after his 2015 re-election, he insisted that he be given control over the Communications [...]

Argentina Once Saw G-20 as a Chance to Shine. Bad News Got in the Way.

BUENOS AIRES — When plans were first made for Argentina to play host to the heads of state of the world’s top economies at this week’s Group of 20 summit meeting, the government saw the gathering as a golden opportunity to portray [...]

Orban and His Allies Cement Control of Hungary’s News Media

BERLIN — Hundreds of private Hungarian news outlets have been simultaneously donated by their owners to a central holding company run by people close to the far-right prime minister Viktor Orban, cementing Mr. Orban’s grip on the [...]

News Analysis: U.S.-China Clash at Asian Summit Was Over More Than Words

BEIJING — The tensions were already high. At a major international gathering in Papua New Guinea over the weekend, the United States wanted to end with a group statement emphasizing free trade. China objected. But instead of working [...]

Republicans see good news in Bill Nelson, Andrew Gilliam, Stacey Abrams losses

Sen. Bill Nelson and a team of lawyers scoured Florida looking for uncounted votes over the last two weeks. On Sunday it became clear there just weren’t enough of them for the three-term Democratic senator to prevail. Mr. Nelson conceded [...]

News Analysis: Macron Hopes WWI Ceremonies Warn of Nationalism’s Dangers. Is Anyone Listening?

But some of Mr. Macron’s isolation is also a function of his favored self-image as a solitary warrior, creating a stark choice between himself and the French far right for next May’s elections for the European Parliament, which are [...]

News Analysis: Diplomacy Appears Stalled With North Korea, Despite Trump’s Declarations

WASHINGTON — The goal of a diplomatic meeting set for Thursday seemed simple: Nail down a plan for a second summit between President Trump and the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. But finalizing the meeting itself — between Mike [...]

News Analysis: Trump May Revive the Cold War, but China Could Change the Dynamics

Most European leaders — especially the Germans — believe other weapons systems deter the Russians, including air- and ground-launched missiles. For them, Mr. Trump’s decision to abandon one of the few remaining treaties controlling [...]