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To Protect Migrants From Police, a Dutch Church Service Never Ends

THE HAGUE — Jessa van der Vaart and Rosaliene Israel, two Dutch pastors, usually get to church by cycling through the streets of Amsterdam to a Protestant parish in the city center. But last Wednesday night, they packed their robes [...]

‘We’ve never seen anything like this’: GOP overwhelmed by Democratic cash

NRCC Chairman Steve Stivers has reached out to party leaders, including Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to try to combat the fundraising disadvantage. | Win McNamee/Getty Images Elections The gush of spending in House races has triggered [...]

‘You’ll never get me to quit’: Key moments from Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony

Kavanaugh Confirmation The Senate Judiciary Committee hearing could determine whether Kavanaugh will get a lifetime seat on the nation’s highest court. By REBECCA MORIN and NOLAN D. MCCASKILL 09/27/2018 03:33 PM EDT Updated 09/27/2018 [...]

‘A Wrestler Never Dies,’ Afghans Say. After Bombing, Their Stories Live.

KABUL, Afghanistan — There is a saying here: “A wrestler never dies.” It’s a commentary on how the sport’s champions hold a special place in Afghan hearts, and over the years, no place has produced more winners than the Maiwand [...]

Liberals Never Sleep (And Neither Does Jeff Sessions

The left is very close to having a governing majority due entirely to immigration. Despite the promise of the Trump campaign, there isn’t much standing in their way. Now, they’re just running out the clock. Soon, we will have admitted so [...]
Oh Great, Now Scott Pruitt Will Never Get That Fancy Lube He Likes!
his hands do look soft Poor Scott Pruitt! He ain’t got no money, he tried to abuse his position to get his wife some Chick-fil-A restaurants because she ain’t got no money neither, they got BILLS, BILLS, BILLS, he ain’t got nowhere to [...]
Portal To Hell Opens In White House Lawn. Obama Never Had One Of Those.
OK, so maybe it wasn’t only where the M happened to be. Donald Trump is apparently doing such a great job of draining the swamp (and piping its denizens straight into his administration) that the lawn of the White House is developing a sinkhole. [...]
Advisers bad-mouth Nielsen as a ‘never Trumper’
President Donald Trump’s frustration with Kirstjen Nielsen, which boiled over Wednesday in a Cabinet meeting tirade, has been growing for weeks — stoked by associates who have privately made the case that she’s a closeted “never Trumper” [...]
Former FBI agent Asha Rangappa says Trump could never get a security clearance
Cliff and I had a wonderful chat with former FBI Special Agent and counterintelligence expert Asha Rangappa (whom you might recognize from her frequent appearances on CNN) about all things Trump/Russia, and then some, on our latest UnPresidented [...]
Being Trump means never having to say you’re sorry
The president is refusing to apologize for his Muslim ban talk – even though it could help save his travel ban. By CHRISTOPHER CADELAGO, JOSH GERSTEIN [...]