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Give the Fed a single mandate: Monetary neutrality

ANALYSIS/OPINION: ANALYSIS/OPINION: Policymakers and politicians love to flex their muscles. They actively try to boost or slow down economic activity based on their perceptions as to whether the economy is “too hot” or “too cold.” It’s [...]

Jerry Brown net neutrality law sparks lawsuit from feds

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed the nation’s strongest net neutrality rules into law Sunday, but the federal Justice Department quickly sued to block him, arguing he was interfering in federal powers to set national communications standards. The [...]

California sends net neutrality bill to governor’s desk

California is poised to pass legislation countering the Trump administration’s repeal of Obama-era net neutrality protections after the state Senate advanced a bill Friday prohibiting internet service providers from engaging in business practices [...]
Senate Democrats score net neutrality win in bid for midterm momentum
Republican Susan Collins of Maine was one of three who crossed party lines, joining the Senate’s full Democratic caucus in a 52-47 floor vote. | AP Photo [...]
Democrats launch net neutrality fight to energize midterm voters
The FCC has repeatedly tried to enact net neutrality rules, only to be thwarted in court or by changes of leadership at the commission. | Jacquelyn Martin | AP Photo Senate [...]
Hot Take From Idiot: We Must Destroy Net Neutrality Because Internet Destroyed … Blockbuster Video?
There are a lot of takes on this here internet. So many, in fact, that some get past hot entirely and become glorious conflagrations of sheer absurdity. It’s a lot of bad news and depressing things lately, and so for your reading enjoyment [...]

How the loss of net neutrality could change the internet

The repeal of net neutrality ushers in a new chapter of the internet that could eventually transform the way Americans communicate, shop and consume information online. The Federal Communications Commission’s party-line [...]

POLITICO explains: Net neutrality

POLITICO Explains: Net Neutrality Advertisement Join POLITICO as we walk you through some of today’s biggest policy debates with the help of key facts, figures and a paint brush. Our animated video [...]
FCC chairman confirms net neutrality repeal plan
Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai said Tuesday he’s shared with his fellow commissioners his plan to fully dismantle the Obama-era net neutrality regulations, saying “the federal government will stop micromanaging [...]
FCC’s next step on net neutrality: Blocking the states
The Obama administration’s net neutrality rules met their all-but-certain demise Tuesday as Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai outlined a plan to repeal them — while making sure states can’t impose their own regulations [...]