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Boat Nazis Are Ski Nazis Now, Do INCREDIBLE JOB Spending Donors’ Money On Sweet Vacay
See what happens, Larry?! See what happens when you hate a stranger in the Alps?! This is what happens! This is what happens when you feed a stoner scrambled eggs! Last weekend, about 100 “far-right anti-immigrant activists” — let’s [...]
Tennessee Republicans Still Not Ready To Say Nazis Bad, Because Reasons
Yes, ‘Kawaii Hitler’ is a thing. Don’t worry, it’s ironic! For the second time in less than a month, Republicans in the Tennessee state House of Representatives have killed a resolution condemning white supremacists and neo-Nazis. You [...]
Poor Nazis Can’t Scrounge Up Enough Reichsmarks To Keep ‘Stormfront’ Website Open
All those ‘Downfall’ parodies finally took their toll The Internet is a tough place to make a living, no matter how many times you hear from “Lori” that she earned enough in her first week of spamming to buy a (insert name of luxury/supercar [...]
Gun News Roundup: Who’s A Nazi Today, Other Than Actual Nazis?
Some people just don’t like Mondays Whole lot of Gun Stuff going on around our great nation, as you’d expect in a country where there are more firearms than people! Some of it’s actually encouraging, and some of it’s awful so let’s [...]
Black history month post: when jazz age superstar Josephine Baker spied on the Nazis
Black history month post: When Jazz Age Superstar Josephine Baker Spied on the Nazis The African-American singer and dancer was the toast of Paris when French intelligence asked her to spy on the Axis. It became one of her greatest performances. (NB: [...]
Art Looted by Nazis Gets a New Space at the Louvre. But Is It Really Home?
“Museums have really undergone a cultural revolution,” said Corinne Bouchoux, a former senator who wrote a 2013 report on France’s handling of looted artwork. “We’ve gone from an era where these paintings were either hidden [...]
Weird Alt-Right Dudes Think #NetNeutrality Has Something To Do With Banning Nazis From Twitter?
Earlier today Net Neutrality came to an end. Yes, Ajit Pai broke your internet, and things are going to be pretty bad. For everyone, actually, not just liberals, as Dom has explained much better than I could. I have been worried, in fact, [...]
Total Cuck Steve Bannon Shocked, Shocked To Learn Milo Consorted With Nazis
He’s let himself go: Just two collared shirts DEEP RIFTS in the Rightwing Crazysphere, as Buzzfeed reveals Steve Bannon has allegedly cut all ties with former Breitbart tech editor and Reich whisperer Milo Yiannopoulos following that big [...]
Donald Trump Prepares To Deport Our Best, Keep The Nazis
But he’ll kick them out with great heart Donald Trump is preparing to shift the New Cruelty into high gear today, and is expected to formally announce the end of DACA, the Obama policy that allowed undocumented immigrants who were brought [...]
Should we ban hate speech? Nazis in the street and the “paradox of tolerance”
In the wake of the violence in Charlottesville, I’ve been seeing a lot of people — from writers at the New York Times and Quartz to ordinary Twitter users — refer to a famous argument by the British-Austrian Jewish philosopher Karl [...]