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US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visits Honduras

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) — U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has arrived in Honduras on the final leg of a tour of Central America. Pelosi is travelling with a congressional delegation to explore the causes of immigration and solutions. The [...]

Donald Trump protests Pelosi comments: ‘Nervous Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace to herself…’

President Trump knocked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Friday, saying “nervous Nancy” is a “disgrace to herself” and said Democrats are “getting Zero work done.” “Nervous Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace to herself and her family for having [...]

Nancy Pelosi reacts to Mueller statement — and holds firm against impeachment inquiry

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Delusional Nancy Pelsoi, Democrats lash out at Donald Trump — again

ANALYSIS/OPINION: These sure are boom times for the psychiatry industry. Wearing hot bubble gum pink, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared last week she is so worried about President Trump’s mental state that she is actually praying for him. [...]

Nancy Pelosi cool to using inherent contempt powers

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused Thursday to take a position on whether Congress should used its inherent contempt powers to fine or jail Trump administration officials — though she said that, and impeachment, are always possible. Mrs. [...]

Nancy Pelosi slams Donald Trump for ‘stonewalling’ Congress and blocking oversight

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi still isn’t calling for impeachment but did ramp up her anti-Trump rhetoric Wednesday, calling attempts to block congressional investigations into the White House “immoral, unethical, corrupt and unpatriotic.” A [...]

Donald Trump: Nancy Pelosi is defending ‘her leader’ Ilhan Omar

President Trump said Monday House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi is actually a subordinate to Rep. Ilhan Omar, adding she should look at Ms. Omar’s “anti-Semitic” comments before defending her. “Before Nancy, who has lost all control [...]

Nancy Pelosi urges Trump to take down 9-11 video

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called Sunday for President Trump to take down a video he tweeted shaming Rep. Ilhan Omar over her controversial remarks about September 11, saying the tweet has put the freshman congresswoman’s life in danger. The [...]

Nancy Pelosi rejects Mueller report classified briefing

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has told House Democrats she would reject any classified briefing on special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, saying the information must be provided to Congress in a way that allows lawmakers to discuss it publicly. That’s [...]

Donald Trump on Nancy Pelosi’s anti-impeachment comments: ‘I never did anything wrong’

President Trump said Wednesday he appreciated House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comments against impeachment, but he added: “I never did anything wrong.” Mrs. Pelosi said in an interview with The Washington Post magazine Monday that she was [...]