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Pakistan Hits Back at India Over Kashmir Move, Targeting Bilateral Trade

NEW DELHI — Pakistan announced plans on Wednesday to punish India for unilaterally wiping out the autonomy of Kashmir by ending bilateral trade, downgrading diplomatic ties and expelling India’s high commissioner to the country. A [...]

In Kashmir Move, Critics Say, Modi Is Trying to Make India a Hindu Nation

That led to a federation with India, and a special status that was enshrined in Article 370 of the Indian Constitution. Article 370, which has now been dismantled, had guaranteed Kashmir a fair degree of autonomy from the central government [...]

Dems move closer to impeachment in strategy shakeup

“I’m willing to take whatever heat there is, there. The decision will be made in a timely fashion. This isn’t endless,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images congress But Nancy Pelosi remains resistant [...]

37 Cambodians deported in US move decried as 2nd punishment

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) – Thirty-seven people who migrated to the United States decades ago have been forcibly deported to Cambodia after committing felonies. The deportees, who arrived at Phnom Penh International Airport on Thursday, [...]

Eric Swalwell: CNN may have to move if Georgia abortion law takes effect

Rep. Eric Swalwell on Sunday said he supports the kind of economic boycott that private businesses are threatening in Georgia if a new abortion law goes into effect and suggested at a CNN town hall on Sunday that the television network might [...]

Lindsey Graham: Donald Trump declassification move ‘not compromising national security’

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham on Sunday said President Trump’s granting Attorney General William Barr broad authority to declassify certain information tied to surveillance activities during the 2016 election doesn’t [...]

Austria to move fast to hold elections after coalition collapses

Government falls apart after vice-chancellor resigns because of compromising secret video Austria is heading for snap elections after the far-right vice-chancellor resigned over a video that appeared to show him promising public contracts to [...]

Jeff Sessions: Time to move past Mueller report

AMHERST, Mass. — Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions says it is time to move past special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation and “get on with the business of America.” Sessions urged confidence in the system during a lecture [...]

Dems move to hold former White House official in contempt

House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings’ move to hold in contempt a former White House personnel security director comes after a whistleblower described a “systemic” pattern of abuses related to security clearances. [...]

Amazon’s D.C. Move Threatens the Founders’ Vision for America

David Fontana is professor of law at the George Washington University School of Law. He is writing a book on the constitutional foundations of placing federal officials outside of Washington. */ ]]> Walk down a busy street in Washington [...]