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US considers more options for detaining transgender migrants

MILAN, N.M. (AP) – About 300 migrants who identify as transgender have been booked into the custody of U.S. immigration authorities since Oct. 1, marking the highest number since officials began keeping track in 2015. U.S. Immigration [...]

Hong Kong Braces for More Extradition Protests

HONG KONG — Protesters in Hong Kong, angered by the government’s refusal to back down on a contentious bill that would allow extraditions to mainland China, gathered near government offices again Tuesday and planned more action this [...]

Japan Desperately Needs More Day Care Workers. New Mothers Need Not Apply.

TOKYO — Ever since she was a young girl, all Erica Takato wanted to do was work with small children. She earned a degree in early childhood education and started her career in a profession of utmost importance for Japan: teaching [...]

Trump says there’s more in Mexico deal but doesn’t say what

President Donald Trump attacked the news media in his defense of his deal with Mexico. | Alex Brandon/AP Photo Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> As critics continued to suggest the U.S. deal with Mexico didn’t accomplish [...]

D-Day in Photos: Heroes of a More Certain Time

LONDON — They went by air and by sea across the Channel to the beaches of Normandy. In history’s greatest amphibious invasion, almost 7,000 vessels and 11,500 airplanes supported the 156,000 Allied soldiers who crossed from Britain [...]

Beto O’Rourke unveils plan aimed at registering more voters, curbing influence of money in politics

Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke unveiled a plan on Wednesday aimed at increasing voter registration and turnout through initiatives like bolstering same-day voting registration, undermining voter ID laws, strengthening vote-by-mail and early voting [...]

Groups call on Pelosi, Dems to do more to impeach Trump

WASHINGTON (AP) – Progressive groups are expressing “deep disappointment” over House Democrats’ unwillingness to start impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump and are calling on Speaker Nancy Pelosi to act, according [...]

Nicaragua government releases 50 more political prisoners

MEXICO CITY (AP) – Nicaragua’s government said Thursday it has released 50 prisoners detained in protests from jail to house arrest as an agreed-upon deadline to release all such prisoners approaches. The government statement said that [...]

Bernie’s biggest hurdle: Old people like Biden a lot more

Bernie Sanders’ staffers are working to sell seniors on his plans to ease their financial burdens by increasing Social Security benefits and reducing the price of prescription drugs. | Scott Eisen/Getty Images 2020 elections ‘Sanders [...]

Japan Stabbing Leaves One Schoolgirl Dead and 16 More Injured

KAWASAKI, Japan — A man stabbed at least 19 people, including 17 schoolchildren waiting at a bus stop, before fatally stabbing himself Tuesday morning, according to the police. One of the schoolchildren died in the attack, in a suburb [...]