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Moore drops PAC suit over misconduct accusations in ads

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – Defeated Senate candidate Roy Moore is dropping a defamation lawsuit against a super PAC that ran a campaign ad blitz focused on sexual misconduct accusations against him. The motion filed Friday asks a county [...]
Kiddy-Botherer Roy Moore Sues Whores And Gays For Telling People About It
Why is he still here???? God willin’ and the crick don’t rise, this will be the last time we write about this old pervert. But yesterday, failed Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore filed a tort lawsuit against those hussies what conspired [...]
Is Joe Arpaio the Next Roy Moore?
PHOENIX—“Somebody wants me out of the race,” Joe Arpaio said. He was in the lobby of the Church for the Nations, a sprawling 13-acre campus where several hundred Republicans—from precinct captains all the way up to Governor Doug Ducey—gathered [...]
Roy Moore may have lost, but Breitbart’s Steve Bannon has a field of awful candidates ready for 2018
Steve Bannon(Credit: AP/Brynn Anderson/Salon) Here are some of the racist, conspiratorial, and misinforming candidates Bannon has thrown his weight behind Grace Bennett, Media Matters2018-01-15T09:00:07Z•2018-01-15T09:00:07Z•0 [...]
Moore forces seek retribution against Shelby
Alabama GOP Sen. Richard Shelby is confronting a fierce backlash from conservatives over his refusal to support Roy Moore in last month’s special election — with Moore backers pushing a censure resolution and robocall campaign targeting [...]
Racist Shitbag Joe Arpaio Wants To Lose Senate Race Just Like Accused Pedo Roy Moore Did!
God has different plans for that seat, motherfucker. Joe Arpaio, the 85-year-old racist, xenophobic piece of trash criminal former Maricopa County sheriff, has announced he will run for the Senate seat being vacated by Jeff Flake, now that [...]
Call The Joo Lawyer Cause Roy Moore Is SO SUED
Now would I say something that wasn’t true?I’m asking you sugarWould I lie to you? Hey y’all! We know we promised you that we would stop with the Roy Moore now that Doug Jones is a senator, and we found his “Jew lawyer” (whoops, turns [...]
Roy Moore loses lawsuit seeking new election
Republican Roy Moore has not conceded the race and has sent several fundraising emails to supporters asking for donations to investigate claims of voter fraud. | Joe Raedle/Getty [...]
Roy Moore Sues To Keep Little Thing Like ‘Alabama Voters’ From Stealing Election From Him
E Plebnista, Y’all! Late Wednesday, the night before the scheduled certification of the vote in Alabama’s special election for the US Senate, Roy Moore filed a complaint in a circuit court asking for an injunction to block the vote from [...]
Roy Moore Just Wants Y’all To Know Doug Jones’s Boy Is A Q-U-E-E-R
Doug Jones’s son, who seems very nice. (Pic stoled from his Instagram.) Whatcha doin’ Roy Moore? Has the Lord told you to concede to Doug Jones yet, or is the Lord still playing the Quiet Game? Nah, that is not what Roy Moore is doing. [...]