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Modi Defends Revoking Kashmir’s Statehood as Protests Flare

NEW DELHI — India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, addressed the nation Thursday night for the first time about his government’s unilateral decision to revoke Kashmir’s autonomy, speaking against a backdrop of rising protests, [...]

In Kashmir Move, Critics Say, Modi Is Trying to Make India a Hindu Nation

That led to a federation with India, and a special status that was enshrined in Article 370 of the Indian Constitution. Article 370, which has now been dismantled, had guaranteed Kashmir a fair degree of autonomy from the central government [...]

Under Modi, Hindus Find Hope for a Temple on Disputed Speck of Land

AYODHYA, India — The barefooted pilgrims passed by watchtowers, checkpoints and walls topped with barbed wire. They emptied their pockets, stepped through four metal detectors and lined up, single file, to enter a path enclosed by [...]

Modi Wave 2.0: A New Beginning Against An Old Order

Tweet reddit Whatsapp Email Share Share Print Narendra Modi wasn’t supposed to win. India’s media elites would tell you that the Indian prime minister and his maligned Bharatiya Janata Party divided the country along the faultlines [...]

In India’s City of Temples, Narendra Modi Is Both Hero and Villain

VARANASI, India — It was 4 a.m. at the Yadav family home down a narrow lane in Varanasi, the constituency of the Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi. Vijay Yadav, 30, cut buns and toasted them one by one on a gas stove with the help [...]

Narendra Modi, India’s ‘Watchman,’ Captures Historic Election Victory

NEW DELHI — He called himself India’s watchman, even as minorities said they felt unsafe under his gaze. He boasted of his humble origins while doing favors for billionaires. He spoke the language of business, yet could not deliver [...]

Narendra Modi, India’s ‘Watchman,’ Heads for Historic Election Victory

NEW DELHI — Narendra Modi, the most dominating and divisive prime minister India has produced in decades, powered his way Thursday toward this nation’s biggest re-election win in decades. His brand of brawny Hindu nationalism and [...]

Voting Ends in India, and Exit Polls Predict a Modi Win

After 39 days of polling involving as many as 900 million voters, balloting in India’s vast parliamentary election came to a close on Sunday, starting a countdown to the announcement of final results on Thursday. The first batch [...]

Modi Cut India’s Red Tape. Now He Hopes to Win Votes for His Work.

MUMBAI — A jeans maker saw his delivery costs cut by half when highway police stopped asking for bribes. An aluminum wire factory faced only three inspectors rather than 12 to keep its licenses. Big companies like Corning, the American [...]

India Shot Down a Satellite, Modi Says, Shifting Balance of Power in Asia

NEW DELHI — Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India announced on Wednesday that India had fired an interceptor rocket to shoot down a satellite, escalating the country’s rivalry with China and Pakistan, and demonstrating a strategic [...]