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India Shot Down a Satellite, Modi Says, Shifting Balance of Power in Asia

NEW DELHI — Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India announced on Wednesday that India had fired an interceptor rocket to shoot down a satellite, escalating the country’s rivalry with China and Pakistan, and demonstrating a strategic [...]

Modi Says India Shot Down a Satellite, Joining an Exclusive Club

NEW DELHI — Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India announced on Wednesday that India had shot down a low-orbit satellite with a missile in a test, hailing it as a major moment of national pride. If confirmed, a successful missile test [...]

Indian Professor Who Compared Modi to Hitler Is Waiting to Be Jailed

Police officials in Pune initially turned their attention to hard-line Hindu leaders. Then they changed tack, accusing Mr. Teltumbde and the other academics and writers of instigating the unrest. Five of them have already been charged. [...]

Millions of Indians Trek to the Ganges, and Modi Chases Their Votes

Many pilgrims believe the water will wash away their sins. Just a few yards from the riverbanks, Mr. Modi appeared, again. This time, he took the form of a high quality cardboard cutout, so sharp and lifelike you could count the curly [...]

With ‘Fishy’ Jet Deal, India’s Opposition Finally Lands a Blow on Modi

NEW DELHI — Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India swept into office four years ago vowing to crush corruption. Some of his most momentous acts since taking office, like wiping out nearly 90 percent of India’s currency virtually [...]
When Modi and Xi Meet, Indian Elections Will Set the Tone
In the past, Mr. Modi has bragged about having a 56-inch chest measurement, apparently a symbol of strength. But that swagger was bruised last year after Chinese troops swept into a disputed area along the Bhutan-China border near to [...]
Modi, in Davos, Praises Globalization Without Noting India’s Trade Barriers
Mr. Modi is following a similar path in India, as he looks to nurture growth in his sprawling economy and to create jobs. Last month, India’s government imposed stiff tariffs on imports of cellphones, video cameras and televisions. [...]
India’s Modi Criticized for Following Twitter Feed Tied to Nasty Post
The offending tweet was soon taken down, and so was a boast by Mr. Dadhich that he was followed by the prime minister (though Mr. Modi continues to follow him). Mr. Modi is a big fan of Twitter. He has nearly 34 million followers, far [...]
After Killing Currency, Modi Takes a Leap With India’s Biggest-Ever Tax Overhaul
Even the prime minister’s ban on India’s largest currency notes, while a daring step, has come under criticism as growth has slowed to 6.1 percent in the first quarter of this year, down from 7.9 percent a year earlier. With [...]
Supreme Court, Senate, Narendra Modi: Your Monday Evening Briefing
Both leaders are nationalists and avid Twitter users (Mr. Trump has 32.8 million followers, Mr. Modi 31 million). Mr. Trump availed himself of the platform to blame former President Barack Obama for not pushing back against Russian [...]