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‘You Have Robbed the Farmer’: Rural Indians Are Hurting, and Millions Are Voting

NASHIK, India — Fed up with unfulfilled government promises to improve their lives, 35,000 farmers came in from their fields around the city of Nashik last year and marched 100 miles to Mumbai to demand help. State leaders from Prime [...]

Millions in Notre-Dame Donations Pour In as France Focuses on Rebuilding

José Vaz de Matos, a firefighter who works with the Culture Ministry to help secure buildings and artwork, said that if the fire had reached the cathedral’s towers and the wooden belfries inside them, a catastrophic chain reaction would [...]

Exclusive: Key Trump health official spends millions on GOP-connected consultants

Administrator Seema Verma has become a lightning rod for pushing work requirements in Medicaid and spearheading the Trump administration’s efforts to unilaterally unwind pieces of Obamacare. | Evan Vucci/AP Photo health care Seema [...]

‘Middle-Class Joe’ rakes in millions

If former Vice President Joe Biden runs in 2020, his newfound wealth could give his Democratic and GOP opponents an opening to attack him as disingenuous, or at least less than advertised. | Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images Share [...]

Trump administration issues rule to strip millions from Planned Parenthood

While the revamp of the Title X program does not accomplish the full defunding of Planned Parenthood that Republicans have called for, it is a major step in that direction. | Scott Olson/Getty Images Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ [...]

Millions of Indians Trek to the Ganges, and Modi Chases Their Votes

Many pilgrims believe the water will wash away their sins. Just a few yards from the riverbanks, Mr. Modi appeared, again. This time, he took the form of a high quality cardboard cutout, so sharp and lifelike you could count the curly [...]

Food stamps for millions of Americans become pawn in shutdown fight

Some experts believe USDA’s food-stamp cushion could be closer to $ 6 billion, which would cover February, though Congress would need to come up with money beyond that point. | Spencer Platt/Getty Images Share on Facebook Share [...]

Red-state governor races could bring Medicaid expansion to millions

Georgia’s neck-and-neck governor’s race between Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp is one of at least half a dozen where a Democrat supporting Medicaid expansion has a fighting chance to replace a Republican who opposes [...]

Money talks: Campaigns draw millions in ‘outsider’ cash

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – It’s been eight years since the U.S. Supreme Court declared that political spending is free speech. The decision eased the way for corporations, unions or nonprofits to spend massive amounts to support, or more [...]

Putin Is Killing Millions Of Americans

I don’t know what Trump said during that two hours when he met privately with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but like so many in the media, I know what I hope he said: Mr. Putin, I need you to publicly admit your complicity in our illegal [...]