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Philippines launches inquiry into formula milk firms targeting poor
Philippines launches inquiry into formula milk firms targeting poor Health department to investigate after Guardian exposed illegal marketing methods An investigation showed formula milk companies targeting those that can afford it least in [...]
Saving Koalas, and Other Marsupials, With Milk Almost as Good as Mom’s
Mr. Rich’s father, Brian Rich, a biochemist, started Wombaroo in 1984 after a pharmaceutical career. He began dabbling in bird food but then saw the need for a powdered milk formula that wildlife caregivers could feed to orphaned kangaroo [...]
Ben & Jerry’s, farmworkers to talk ‘Milk with Dignity’ plan
BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) – The head of ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s and leaders of a group that promotes the rights of immigrant farm workers are going to be talking about a plan to ensure the fair treatment of farm workers. The [...]

Some People Age Like Wine and Some People Age Like Milk

When we feel like shit we attract flies… When we start to blossom, we attract butterflies… Ten Points… No Flies !! ; ) . Source: Political Cartoons

Milk Chugging Is The Hot New Trend Sweeping The Aryan Nation

Scientific racism has a long and incredibly stupid history. Once upon a time, the great scientific racists of the day were super obsessed with the shape of people’s heads, and how Anglo-Saxon people had head-shapes that made them genetically [...]

Apply Milk Of The Poppy To Burned Area

Source: Political Cartoons