04182019What's Hot:

Mike Hunter, Oklahoma AG, seeks Trump pardon for Michael Behenna, soldier convicted of killing Iraqi

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma’s attorney general is renewing his request that President Trump pardon for a former U.S. soldier from Oklahoma convicted of killing an Iraqi prisoner. Attorney General Mike Hunter supports a pardon for former Army [...]

Mike DeWine, Ohio governor, signs ‘heartbeat’ abortion ban into law

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A bill imposing one of the most stringent abortion restrictions in the nation was signed into law in Ohio. Republican Gov. Mike DeWine signed the heartbeat bill Thursday, breaking with his predecessor, Republican John Kasich, [...]

Mohammad Javad Zarif rips Mike Pence, U.S. over ‘unhealthy fixation’ with Iran

MUNICH — Iran’s foreign minister is blasting the United States’ “unhealthy fixation” with his country and condemning the Trump administration’s efforts to press European countries to pull out of the nuclear agreement with Tehran. Mohammad [...]

Mike Pence Lashes European Allies for Their Stance on Iran

His speech to foreign ministers and diplomats from about five dozen countries came hours after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo dropped any remaining pretense about the goal of the conference, which had been formally described as focusing [...]

Mike Pompeo’s European Union troublemaker tour

Mike Pompeo is heading for the EU’s eastern fringe — on a mission to make sure it’s looking west. That’s how senior administration officials present the secretary of state’s upcoming visits to Hungary, Slovakia and [...]

FBI probing messages sent to Republicans posing as Mike Pence’s press secretary: Report

The FBI is investigating bogus text messages sent to Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives by someone posing as Vice President Mike Pence’s press secretary, Alyssa Farah, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday. Citing several [...]

Mike Pence says he’ll reject pay raise caused by shutdown

Vice President Mike Pence said Friday he won’t accept a $ 12,800 pay raise, and President Trump will consider asking other top administration officials to reject similar salary hikes resulting from a legislative loophole with the government [...]

Megyn Kelly defends Mika Brzezinski amid Mike Pompeo ‘butt boy’ controversy

Mika Brzezinski has an ally in the “butt-boy” controversy; blackface-defender Megyn Kelly. The former “Today” host, who was pushed out this fall for saying that racial makeup was no big deal in an earlier era, said Thursday she had [...]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rips Mike Huckabee, Sarah Huckabee Sanders ‘false statements’ on Twitter

Rep.-elect Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez got into a Twitter spat with former Gov. Mike Huckabee — and then went after his daughter. The former Arkansas governor was mocking the 28-year-old democratic socialist for comparing her election this November [...]

Donald Trump slams New York Times ‘phony story’ that he doubts Mike Pence loyalty

President Trump on Saturday knocked down a New York Times report that he was questioning the loyalty of Vice President Mike Pence. “He is 100 percent loyal,” said Mr. Trump, calling the report “a typical New York Times phony story.” He [...]