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‘Europe’s Moment’? Coronavirus Recovery Plan Might Bolster E.U. Power: Live Coverage

‘This is Europe’s moment’: A recovery plan could move the E.U. closer to central government. For decades, even when the 2008 financial crisis threatened to blow the bloc apart, the European Union’s wealthier nations resisted [...]

Why Sanders might not be a lock for the nomination

*/ ]]> The Revolution, you might have noticed from news coverage the past couple days, has arrived. The establishment is in full freak out. The Sandersistas are confident they are on the brink of irreversible triumph. If you get a [...]

Iowa might have just witnessed the start of a Democratic Party takeover

*/ ]]> If you were an alien visiting Iowa this weekend and were asked to guess the order of Monday’s results based on nothing but watching the top four Democrats speak, you would predict a Sanders victory, followed by Warren, Buttigieg, [...]

Coronavirus Live Updates: Some Carriers Might Show No Symptoms, Researchers Say

People without symptoms could be spreading the virus, researchers say. The medical journal The Lancet published a study on Friday suggesting that people infected with the new coronavirus might be able to spread it even if they do not have [...]

Missile Strike Damage Appears Limited, but Iran Might Not Be Through

BAGHDAD — Over an intense half-hour before dawn on Wednesday, Iran bombed targets in Iraq, striking in and around two large military bases that house thousands of Iraqi and American servicemen and women. But when the barrage of 22 [...]

Boris Johnson Has Big Lead in U.K. Election. That Might Not Mean Much.

Mr. Farage could also hammer Mr. Johnson for failing to pull Britain out of the European Union on Oct. 31, as he promised, or for his deal with Brussels, which Mr. Farage claims will align Britain too closely with Europe and, as Mr. Trump [...]

Professors, Beware. A ‘Student Information Officer’ Might Be Watching.

CHENGDU, China — With a neon-red backpack and white Adidas shoes, he looks like any other undergraduate on the campus of Sichuan University in southwestern China. But Peng Wei, a 21-year-old chemistry major, has a special mission: [...]

AP Explains: What a Trump impeachment trial might look like

WASHINGTON (AP) – As House Democrats quickly move forward with impeachment proceedings, the likelihood grows that Donald Trump will become the third president to face a Senate trial to determine whether he should be removed from office. The [...]

What Is the D.U.P., and How Might It Scupper Brexit?

LONDON — After years of debate, false starts and just plain confusion, the news that Britain had reached a deal to leave the European Union seemed like a moment for a weary nation to exhale. But nearly as soon as Prime Minister Boris [...]

‘Our River Was Like a God’: How Dams and China’s Might Imperil the Mekong

ON THE MEKONG RIVER — When the Chinese came to the village of Lat Thahae, perched on a muddy bend of a Mekong River tributary, they scrawled a Chinese character on the walls of homes, schools and Buddhist temples. No one in this isolated [...]