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White House messaging falls in line with Trump’s sanctuary cities proposal

“Let’s spread out some of that burden and let’s put it in some of those other locations,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said of undocumented immigrants. | Evan Vucci/AP Photo White House Administration [...]

Trump and GOP taking messaging hit on shutdown

Hill Republicans are now stuck in a situation where their lead messenger’s appeal is designed for base voters and isn’t speaking to the broader American public. | Andrew Harnik/AP Photo Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ [...]
Mike Pence won’t allow North Korea to “hijack” messaging at Winter Olympics
When it was announced that North and South Korea would march as one under the same flag for the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, there was slight hope that the move could potentially lead to peace talks and a deescalation [...]
Shutdown messaging war: ‘Illegal immigrants’ vs. Trump mayhem
As the the government shutdown drama unfolds on Capitol Hill, Republicans and the White House keep pounding Democrats with a two-pronged argument: Democrats are supporting “illegal immigrants” — and they won’t negotiate with the [...]
White House flails on Trumpcare messaging
“How’s it going? All right, we’re moving along? All right, I think it’s time now, right?” President Donald Trump said about his administration’s efforts [...]

Trump Idiots ‘Brainstorm’ Messaging About Terrible Presidency, Assumes Brains Not In Evidence

Haha, Kellyanne believed us! Politico brings us yet another story of INTERNAL CHAOS in the Trump administration, this time all about the communication team’s sense that, with Trump’s 100th day in office coming up on April 29, the White [...]