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Trump meets Putin against backdrop of tense U.S.-Russia relations

President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin meet Monday. | POLITICO screengrab By MATTHEW NUSSBAUM 07/16/2018 05:46 AM [...]

Trump Meets Putin: Live Updates From Finland

[unable to retrieve full-text content] The leaders’ first summit meeting will be closely analyzed for signs of whether President Trump is friendlier to his Russian counterparts than to the leaders he met in Europe last week. Source: [...]

Trump vs. Merkel: Blistering Salvo Meets Quiet Rejoinder

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[unable to retrieve full-text content] The president waged a harsh attack on Germany at the NATO meeting, saying it was “captive” of Russia. The chancellor, weakened at home, reacted mildly but pointedly. Source: NYT > World

Before Kim Meets Trump, China Gets Jittery About North Korea’s Intentions

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Still, the odds of North Korea shifting its allegiance toward the United States are not great, Western experts say. That is particularly true in the era of President Trump, who is seen as an uncertain partner even for Washington’s existing [...]

As Scandal-Tarred Abe Meets Trump, ‘the Situation Is Getting Dangerous’

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But over the last few weeks, leaks of tampered files and previously missing documents are raising sharper questions about whether Mr. Abe helped friends at two educational institutions gain preferential treatment from the government. [...]

Shit Meets Fan For Cambridge Analytica And Facebook. ‘BOUT GODDAMN TIME.

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Christopher Wylie, the whistleblower! If you are a common non-math nerd, you might be tempted to click “close tab” when stories get into the weeds about the Trump campaign data operation, and how it worked (maybe with Russia!) to steal [...]

Kushner Meets With Mexican President, Underscoring Shift in U.S. Diplomacy

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“This is not the way foreign policy normally is, or should be, conducted,” said Christopher Sabatini, a lecturer at Columbia University. “The sending of the president’s son-in-law — someone with no experience in Mexican-U.S. [...]

Lebanese Prime Minister Meets Macron in France After Mysterious Saudi Stay

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Mr. Hariri, for his part, said he feared for his safety in Lebanon. With European diplomats scrambling to defuse the crisis, France seized the role of mediator. France has strong ties to Lebanon, dating from the early 20th century, and [...]

In Trailblazing Tokyo Governor, Japan Meets Its Great Disrupter

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Whatever she decides, she has injected considerable drama into what originally looked like a rubber-stamp election for Mr. Abe. The prime minister had been hoping to capitalize on tensions over North Korea and the existing opposition’s [...]

When hate meets hoax

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This originally appeared on ProPublica For several months this spring, St. Olaf College, a private school of some 3,000 students in Northfield, Minnesota, was convulsed by a series of hate incidents. than half a dozen racist notes were [...]