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Fact check: Did Bernie just backtrack on Medicare for All?

Changes to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ health care plan have led to accusations of softening his stance. | Joshua Lott/Getty Images Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> Speaking to labor officials in Iowa this week, Bernie Sanders [...]

Harry Reid says ‘Medicare for All’ is loser for Dems

Former Sen. Harry Reid says Democratic presidential candidates’ focus on a “Medicare for All” health policy is a loser for the 2020 election — and so is the push to cancel criminal penalties for illegal immigrants who jump the border. Mr. [...]

Some labor unions split with Biden on ‘Medicare for All’

Some union leaders say that the benefits from Medicare for All would exceed what they can provide, breaking away from Democratic candidates like Joe Biden. | Ethan Miller/Getty Images Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> Joe [...]

2020 Dems grapple with how to pay for ‘Medicare for All’

WASHINGTON (AP) – Democratic presidential candidates trying to appeal to progressive voters with a call for “Medicare for All” are wrestling with the thorny question of how to pay for such a dramatic overhaul of the U.S. health care [...]

The Losers of Medicare for All: The Sick.

Tweet reddit Whatsapp Email Share Share Print A recent exposé from the New York Times describes at length a truly devastating reality of Medicare For All: big government is going to crush hospitals under its boot. Under the current [...]

As Dems debate Medicare for All, a less radical idea stalls in blue states

Some progressive activists said they can be patient as Democrats take time to design workable plans but they said the base expects them to follow through. | Dominick Reuter/Getty Images Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> This [...]

Bernie Sanders plans to reintroduce ‘Medicare for All’ bill

Sen. Bernie Sanders announced in an email to supporters Wednesday that he plans to reintroduce his Medicare-for-All bill in the Senate, hoping to build momentum behind an effort that has proved popular on the 2020 campaign trail, but largely [...]

Pelosi aide sought to undercut Medicare for All

Wendell Primus, pictured with Nancy Pelosi in 2012, is the House speaker’s senior health policy adviser and a respected voice on health and domestic policy. | J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo Health Care Wendell Primus told roughly [...]

In Dems’ ‘Medicare for All’ battle cry, GOP sees ’20 weapon

WASHINGTON (AP) – Many Democratic presidential candidates and lawmakers are rallying behind “Medicare for All” proposals to expand government-provided health care. Republicans preparing for next year’s congressional races also like [...]

Republicans can’t wait to debate Medicare for All

Reps. Kevin Brady (left) and Greg Walden answer questions on the American Health Care Act in 2017. GOP lawmakers are trolling Democrats with demands for hearings on the sweeping single-payer bill set to be introduced this month. | Win [...]