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In Standoff With Russia, What Does Ukraine’s Martial Law Decree Mean?

MOSCOW — Ukrainians were thrown into confusion on Tuesday over their country’s martial law emergency, a day after the president pressed Parliament to enact the measure with no complete public version of what it contained, including [...]

What Tuesday’s marijuana wins mean for the future of legalization

The nation woke up Wednesday morning to Michigan legalizing recreational cannabis, letting the green wave into the Midwest, and Missouri and Utah passing initiatives to allow the use of medical marijuana. What’s interesting about Tuesday’s [...]
Wait, You Mean James O’Keefe Videos DON’T Hold Up In A Court Of Law????
It’s a classic look The attempt by federal prosecutors to get vengeance on VIOLENT LEFTIST PROTESTERS who ruined Donald Trump’s inauguration faces yet another sad setback. The DC police rounded up hundreds of protesters on inauguration [...]
John Kelly Says USA Has No Room For Illiterate Peasants, Didn’t Mean His Own Ancestors
Guy who pushed family separation sure hopes it won’t have to be used too much. Goddamned bigot John Kelly gave an interview to National Public Radio that aired on Friday, and you will be shocked to learn that he is doing his very best to [...]
Being mean isn’t funny. It’s mean.
Driving the Day THE PRESIDENT’S WEEK: Monday: Trump meets with the president of Nigeria. Tuesday: The president presents the Commander in Chief’s trophy to the Army football team, meets with the crew of Southwest Flight 1380 and meets [...]
The Interpreter: An Unpredictable Trump and a Risk-Prone Kim Mean High Stakes and Mismatched Expectations
Mr. Wellerstein is worried over the Trump administration’s fixation on hints that North Korea would consider “denuclearization,” which North Koreans tend to mean as gradual and mutual easing of tensions but which Americans read [...]
Mueller’s assurances that Trump is not a ‘target’ don’t mean much
The assurance that President Donald Trump is only a “subject” of the investigation and not officially a target may not be worth much. | Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty [...]
NRA Didn’t Use Any Dirty Russian Money In 2016 Election … Oh You Mean THAT Dirty Russian Money?
Just Trump making mouth love to the NRA, like he does. We’ve had several posts lately on the weird, maybe-legal-maybe-not role the NRA played in the 2016 election. We know there are weird wealthy Russians like this guy Alexander Torshin who [...]
My Goodness, Why Are We Being So Mean To That Nice Hope Hicks???
Embed from Getty Images Being pretty means never having to say you’re sorry. And Hope Hicks is very, very pretty. Last night’s NYMag profile of Hicks by Olivia Nuzzi is hilarious — Hope did not enjoy working [...]
Cambridge Analytica DID NOT Use Ukrainian Prostitutes As Honeyp … Oh, You Mean THEM?
Not pictured: James O’Keefe, because this is real journalism! Did you hear the one about how the shit is finally hitting the fan for Cambridge Analytica, the skeevy weird data company Donald Trump’s campaign used to help him steal the election? [...]