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Trump’s most outrageous storm descriptions — a series

Over his 20 months in office, President Donald Trump has stirred controversy with his bombastic descriptions of hurricanes and other storms. | Susan Walsh/AP Photo The president has reveled in the spotlight during natural disasters, [...]
North Korea’s pledge to halt nukes holds new promise — and peril
North Korea’s announcement Friday that it’s immediately halting nuclear and missile tests — and even plans to shutter its main nuclear test facility — added serious momentum to high-level talks and a historic upcoming summit between [...]
Candidates chase their ’15 minutes’ — and buckets of cash
Andrew Janz’s turn in the spotlight came one Friday early this month, and he didn’t have to do much to earn it. The Fresno prosecutor challenging Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) raised more than $ 100,000 over a two-day period [...]
Inside Biden’s 2018 — and possibly 2020 — plans
Joe Biden has started recruiting top donors for his PAC’s finance committee — but some of them are resisting signing on, wary that he’ll decide again not to pull the trigger on a presidential bid and that their money [...]
Moore’s win conjures 2018 nightmare — for both parties
Roy Moore’s win in Alabama’s Senate primary has raised the specter of a nightmare scenario for Democrats and Republicans: The GOP picks up a handful of seats next year, padding its Senate majority, but with candidates like Moore, who buck [...]
Trump may replace Obama’s big climate rule — not just repeal it
The Trump administration is opening the door to offering its own replacement for former President Barack Obama’s landmark climate regulation — rather than just erasing it altogether. A mend-it-don’t-end-it approach on Obama’s [...]
Trump’s deal with Democrats bolsters Ryan — for now
Donald Trump’s deal with Democrats last week — the latest setback for House Republicans in a year filled with disappointment — has opened a new rift within the GOP Conference over whether their president or their speaker is to blame. Some [...]
We Made Donald %#&@ Trump PRESIDENT — What Else Can We Do?
Congress has tried to sneak through amnesties three times in a little more than a decade. Every time, the American people somehow found out — despite the best efforts of the press — rose up in a rage and killed the proposed bills. In [...]
Trump just had his ‘worst week’ — again
President Donald Trump is coming off his “worst week” in the White House — that is, if you’re not counting at least the nine other weeks since his January inauguration when the media has also declared the Republican to have hit rock [...]

Trump’s Syria strikes divide Congress — but not along partisan lines

Libertarian-minded Republicans like Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky blasted Trump’s decision to launch strikes. | AP Photo President Donald Trump’s missile attacks against the Syrian government on Thursday [...]