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Battered California Republicans elect Latina, a McCarthy ally, to lead party

Jessica Patterson was the overwhelming choice of elected officials in the state, a nod to California Republicans calling for more diversity in their ranks. | Steve Yeater/AP Photo California Jessica Patterson is the first female head [...]

McCarthy hits hard at Dems after winning minority leader post

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has vowed to help lead Republicans back to the majority in 2020. | M. Scott Mahaskey/POLITICO Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> House Republicans immediately resumed a wartime posture Wednesday [...]

Scalise vs. McCarthy: Leadership jockeying hits full bore

Alex Wong/Getty Images With Paul Ryan set to depart, his no. 2 and 3 have been busy on the campaign trail currying favor with members — and trying to save their House majority. By RACHAEL BADE 09/07/2018 05:07 AM EDT Share on [...]

Trump’s Strange Tweet About Joseph McCarthy

“Study the late Joseph McCarthy,” President Donald Trump said Sunday on Twitter. And he’s right. It’s important. But casting special counsel Robert Mueller as McCarthy, the red-baiting United States senator from Wisconsin who in the [...]

‘That was not the deal’: McCarthy, Ryan renege on immigration vow

House GOP leaders are reneging on a vow to hold an immigration vote before the August recess, a move that puts House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy in a particularly awkward spot as he seeks to become the next speaker. In June, [...]

McCarthy launches stealth campaign for speaker

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is quietly lining up votes to succeed Paul Ryan as speaker, reaching out to key lawmakers across the Republican Conference and asking whether they will commit to back him as speaker next January, [...]
Giuliani Gets Santorum On Kevin McCarthy. Your Sunday Show FUCKIN’ MADNESS
Hello Wonks and welcome to another Sunday recap. Let’s begin with Rudy “9/11” Giuliani, appearing on This Week with George Stephanopoulos to defend a letter sent out by the legal team trying a REMIX of an old defense: “If the President [...]
Freedom Caucus seeks to make McCarthy pay to become speaker
The Freedom Caucus is prepared to exact a price from Kevin McCarthy if he wants to be the next speaker of the House — three years after foiling his first bid for the job. A POLITICO survey of about 20 of the conservative group’s [...]
Speakership drama pits McCarthy vs. Ryan
Tensions over who will succeed Speaker Paul Ryan are starting to torment House Republicans as they enter one of the most difficult midterm election cycles in years. Allies of Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the current favorite [...]
Kevin McCarthy Gives Trump Red And Pink Starbursts, Not The Other Colors, Those Are Shithole Starbursts
This is what Trump looks like when he’s pretty sure Kevin McCarthy is hiding Starbursts in his pants. In the running contest to determine which Republican member of Congress is the BIGGEST, most embarrassing Daddy’s boy for Donald Trump, [...]