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Eastern Iowa siblings get probation for sham marriage scheme

WATERLOO, Iowa (AP) – An eastern Iowa man has been turned over to immigration authorities and his sister sentenced to probation after they set up a sham marriage to keep the man in the United States. The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier reports [...]
Did Darrell Issa Set This Other Congressman’s Marriage ON FIRE? (Get It, He Is An Arsonist)
HE SEEMS NICE. I AIN’T SAYIN’ HE A GOLD DIGGER. But he ain’t messing with no divorce settlement of less than $ 100,000 for every month they were married! Okay, $ 93,750. But that is Congressman Mike Turner’s final offer! Ohio Rep. [...]
In Ireland, a Same-Sex Marriage With a Tax Benefit
Then, Mr. O’Sullivan, who has three children from previous relationships, realized that would cost him around 50,000 euros, or about $ 60,000, in inheritance taxes. The fact that Ireland had recently approved same-sex marriage — [...]
Indonesian Constitutional Court Declines to Ban Sex Outside Marriage
Conservatives argued that the ban on adultery, which dates from Indonesia’s colonial period, needs updating because it no longer reflects the values of a more devout population. “These are laws created by the Dutch, but they don’t [...]
Australia Makes Same-Sex Marriage Legal
A handful of lawmakers tried to add amendments that they said were meant to safeguard religious freedoms for opponents of same-sex marriage, but their efforts failed. Mr. Turnbull noted that nothing in the legislation requires ministers [...]
Gay Australian Politician Proposes During Same-Sex Marriage Debate
Photo Tim Wilson, a liberal member of Parliament in Australia, during a debate Monday about same-sex marriage in which he proposed to his partner, Ryan Bolger. Credit [...]
Australians Say ‘Yes’ to Same-Sex Marriage, Clearing Path for Legalization
“This is our proudest moment as gay and lesbian Australians,” said Chris Lewis, 60, an artist from Sydney, who waved a large rainbow flag he bought in San Francisco about 30 years ago. “Finally I can be proud of my country.” But [...]
Kim Davis, Once Jailed in America, Campaigns Against Gay Marriage in Romania
In both Kentucky and Romania, Ms. Davis described same-sex marriage as an attack on religious freedom. Kim Davis Encourages Religious Freedom in Romania https://t.co/Z024IsvI4R pic.twitter.com/kTvfTCCsq0 — [...]
Brought Together by Pain, 3 Girls Forced Into Marriage Have New Dreams
Gul Meena was illegally married at age 13. When she discovered that she had become the third wife of a grandfather, she ran away in horror. Her brother and uncle, intent on avenging the family’s honor, tracked her down and attacked [...]
Same-Sex Couples Wed in Germany as Marriage Law Takes Effect
Across the country, city halls that are normally closed on the weekend opened their doors to allow marriages on the first day the law took effect. Dozens of couples were expected to exchange vows in Berlin, as well as in Cologne, Hamburg, [...]