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Can Macron Talk the Yellow Vests Into Submission? He Will Try

SOUILLAC, France — At 9:23 p.m., after nearly six hours of talk, President Emmanuel Macron took up the subject of nursing homes. At 9:48 p.m., into the seventh hour, he was speaking about France’s “food independence.” Past 10 [...]

Macron ex-security aide: Diplomatic passports given back

PARIS (AP) – French President Emmanuel Macron’s former security aide, at the heart of a damaging political scandal, has told a Senate commission that he turned in his two diplomatic passports after being fired last summer but they were [...]

Macron to speak to France amid mounting protest violence

PARIS (AP) – French President Emmanuel Macron is preparing to speak to the nation at last, after increasingly violent protests against his leadership. Macron is meeting Monday morning with local and national political leaders, unions [...]

Macron Returns to a France in Turmoil, as Nation Weighs State of Emergency

PARIS — President Emmanuel Macron returned to France on Sunday from a summit meeting in Argentina to find his country in turmoil after a day of violent protests, surveying the destruction for himself even as his government weighed [...]

Macron Has a Long-Term Vision. But the French Have Urgent Needs.

They disdained his eloquence and his acknowledgment that many of the Yellow Vests had been placed in an impossible situation — forced out of the cities by high housing prices, and now priced out of rural areas by rising gas prices. “I [...]

Paris Police Fire Tear Gas at Crowds Protesting Fuel Prices and Macron

PARIS — The police in Paris used tear gas and water cannons on Saturday to disperse protesters in “yellow vests” as thousands gathered in the capital and staged road blockades across the nation as part of a second wave of rallies [...]

Trump and Macron Seek to Defuse Tension Over Security and Trade

PARIS — President Trump and President Emmanuel Macron of France sought to defuse simmering tension over security and trade on Saturday as they opened a weekend visit intended to showcase a century-old trans-Atlantic alliance at a [...]

News Analysis: Macron Hopes WWI Ceremonies Warn of Nationalism’s Dangers. Is Anyone Listening?

But some of Mr. Macron’s isolation is also a function of his favored self-image as a solitary warrior, creating a stark choice between himself and the French far right for next May’s elections for the European Parliament, which are [...]

French Turn on Macron, as They Grow Impatient for Results

CIVRAY, France — The cheese lady, the melon man, the retiree downing his morning glass, the olive seller, the housewife sipping coffee and the village mayor submerged by constituents’ unpaid bills — all agreed that their country’s [...]

Merkel and Macron Try to Save European Union, and Themselves

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Meeting before a key European summit meeting, the French and German leaders found compromises on the euro and a reform of migration policies. Source: NYT > World