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With Sunken Argentine Sub Found, Families Demand Loved Ones’ Remains

MAR DEL PLATA, Argentina — A day after Argentina announced that the wreckage of a Navy submarine that vanished a year ago with 44 sailors on board had been found, several relatives of the crew members demanded on Sunday the authorities [...]
For Trump So Loved The Poor That He Made Many, Many More Of Them
Now if you’ll excuse Me, I’ve got some adulteresses to stone. Last week, without any big public signing ceremony or hoopla, Donald Trump very quietly signed an executive order directing all federal programs that provide means-tested assistance [...]
Outside Iran’s Most Notorious Prison, Calls for Loved Ones to Be Freed
Based on reports from family members and friends outside Evin Prison on Sunday, as well as official sources, dozens of people have been released, but hundreds more remain in prison. A group of reformist activists wrote an open letter [...]
Top 5 bad hombres loved by Trump
They are, to coin a phrase, “bad hombres.” They are men who order the slaughter of peaceful demonstrators and the roundup of political rivals. They arrest pesky journalists, if they don’t murder them first. They rig elections, if they [...]

Refugees: A world away from loved ones, anxious and in limbo

President Donald Trump’s executive order banning refugees from certain countries has brought stress, desperation, worry and confusion to a number of families in the United States and abroad. Trump’s order temporarily halted the entire U.S. [...]

Lawyers help loved ones of detained travelers at LAX

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Immigration lawyers descended upon Los Angeles International Airport to assist distraught relatives of travelers detained by U.S. authorities, a day after President Donald Trump’s executive order that bars nationals [...]

What To Buy For Christmas For The Depressed, Dirty Liberal Loved One In Your Life

Regular Wonkette readers all know already about the fine and fabulous merchandise they can get here from us, the dirty liberals at Wonkette, because we tell them ALL. THE. TIME. But perhaps you are not a slavish Wonkette reader, and you are [...]