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Winners and losers of Trump’s first budget battle
Even as President Donald Trump came up short in the budget talks, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan were quietly grinning. | AP Photo The [...]

Donald Trump Kicks Shit With Weird Scary Losers At NRA

Wonder if they make mini-guns for that mini-paw of his. Donald Trump addressed the big NRA hootenanny in Atlanta this afternoon! He was the first president to ever do that, since Ronald Reagan a long time ago! It was so ‘sciting! Before Trump [...]

Your Official Guide On Hounding Trump Regime Losers EVERYWHERE THEY GO

THAT’S RIGHT IDIOT GO AWAY Hey, stupid Betsy DeVos, what are you doin’? Oh, now that your unqualified face has been confirmed as the Education secretary, you think you should go visit a school for the first time in your life? What, you [...]


winner winner chicken dinner Hey, here is a nice thing for you to look at, in your afternoon open thread, where you are allowed to talk about whatever you want in the comments all night long. Sunday night at the SAG Awards, Julia Louis-Dreyfus [...]

Trump’s regulation freeze makes losers out of some U.S. businesses

President Donald Trump’s quick suspension of new federal regulations has triggered some unintended consequences: sudden pain and deeper uncertainty for a broad array of U.S. businesses. Oil and gas companies, ethanol producers, real estate [...]

New York county proposes museum dedicated to Electoral College losers who won the popular vote

If you think that presidential candidates who lost despite winning the popular vote ought to be commemorated, you may be excited about the possible “Almost presidential museum/library” being proposed by the town supervisor of Greenburgh, [...]

Deleted Comments: ‘Merry Christmas,’ You Pathetic Losers!

You all get Santa’s Trap Door, that’s what ya get! It’s Sacred Baby Festival Eve, and that means the Derp Elves have been working extra hard to bring you this week’s Deleted Comments a day early, so Rudolph can go wake up the sheeple [...]