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Donald Trump Brags About Making Shit Up, Because Only Losers Need ‘Facts’
‘It’s got my name on it. You have to let me sit in it and pretend to drive.’ Donald Trump gave a closed-door speech to Republican donors in Missouri yesterday, but the Washington Post got its hands on a recording of the talk. Trump told [...]
Six big losers in our “booming” economy
[unable to retrieve full-text content] While stocks doubled, 18% more kids fell into poverty Source: Salon: in-depth news, politics, business, technology & culture > Politics
The winners and losers in the GOP tax plan
The tax overhaul Republicans are poised to pass next week would usher in once-in-a-generation changes in how everyone from the biggest multinational corporations like Apple to middle-class workers are taxed, upending the long-established order [...]
Memo to GOP: Red states also among losers in health bill
WASHINGTON (AP) – Memo to Republican senators: Many of the states President Donald Trump won last year would lose significant federal financing under the last-ditch Republican health care bill headed for a possible showdown in the Senate [...]
Sad Texas Bigots Can’t Even Pass A Bathroom Bill, LOL Sad Losers!
Pour one out for the bigots in the Lone Star State! Yesterday, their Show Us Your Junk bathroom bill died in committee, and a federal court threw out two of their congressional districts for discriminating against TexMexicans. How’s a Texas [...]
Winners and losers from the Senate repeal bill
Stephanie Woodward, of Rochester, N.Y., who has spina bifida and uses a wheelchair, is removed from a sit-in at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office Thursday [...]
Deleted Comments: You Liberal Losers Are Just Jealous Of Ivanka Because You’re Losers. Also Sheeple.
Nothing but class and dignity, the kind that women should aspire to Our Royal Decree proclaiming that Ivanka Trump can just go fuck herself right in the ear generated a heck of a lot of traffic this week, becoming the top post of the week — [...]
Dilbert cartoonist thinks Trump’s branding of terrorists as “losers” is brilliant, “weapons-grade persuasion”
Scott Adams, the cartoonist behind the popular strip “Dilbert,” has a longstanding fixation with President Donald Trump that has been well-chronicled by my Salon colleague Amanda Marcotte. Yet even for Adams, the claim that Trump branding [...]
Winners and losers of Trump’s first budget battle
Even as President Donald Trump came up short in the budget talks, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan were quietly grinning. | AP Photo The [...]

Donald Trump Kicks Shit With Weird Scary Losers At NRA

Wonder if they make mini-guns for that mini-paw of his. Donald Trump addressed the big NRA hootenanny in Atlanta this afternoon! He was the first president to ever do that, since Ronald Reagan a long time ago! It was so ‘sciting! Before Trump [...]