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A Journey to Explore What ‘Victory’ Looks Like in a Shattered Syria

“Safety is back in Syria,” proclaimed one billboard. But safety had proved elusive for Um Ahmad, 28, who was sitting on her stoop with her sister at dusk, surrounded by shattered buildings. Their husbands were both missing, the two [...]

Trump claims ‘great appetite’ for background checks as GOP looks elsewhere

poster=”http://v.politico.com/images/1155968404/201908/388/1155968404_6069085468001_6069086876001-vs.jpg?pubId=1155968404″ true Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> President Donald Trump on Wednesday reasserted [...]

Kristol Looks For Dem Support to Oust Trump.

Tweet reddit Whatsapp Email Share Share Print “Honestly, if I were a Democrat, I would call me up and say, here’s a lot of money for a primary challenge – and we have talked to a lot of Democrats about this, obviously – against [...]

Turkey’s President Looks Headed for Stinging Defeat in Istanbul Election Redo

ISTANBUL — President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey suffered the biggest defeat of his political career on Sunday as his candidate for Istanbul mayor conceded defeat in a repeat election, two months after Mr. Erdogan’s party forced [...]

Trump looks to squash Justin Amash

Rep. Justin Amash is so far the only Republican in the House to call for President Donald Trump’s impeachment. | Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call congress The president has discussed with aides backing a primary challenge against the [...]

Democrats Don’t Want to Nominate a Candidate Who Looks Like Bernie or Joe

Gabriele Magni is a postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University. Andrew Reynolds is a professor of political science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. */ ]]> There are now, by our count, two dozen candidates in the [...]

Trump Puts British Intel Under Spotlight: ‘I Hope [Barr] Looks at the UK… I May Talk to PM…’

FOREIGN AFFAIRS “It was an attempted coup or an attempted take down of the President of the United States. It should never ever happen to anybody else,” the president said. on May 24, 2019 Tweet reddit Whatsapp Email [...]

Promises Made: Colombia’s Peace Deal Promised a New Era. This Is What It Looks Like.

When things go wrong, those in power often promise to make it right. But do they? This is the first in a series in which The Times is going back to the scene of major news events to see if those promises were kept. After Colombia’s [...]

‘This is where we make our stand’: Beto O’Rourke finally looks like a 2020 candidate

Former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke has said that he will decide whether to run for president by the end of the month. | Paul Ratje/AFP/Getty Images 2020 Elections With Donald Trump holding a rally in O’Rourke’s [...]

The Messier Brexit Gets, the Better Europe Looks

BRUSSELS — After Britain voted to leave the European Union in June 2016, its leaders were in a panic. It was mired in a migration crisis, and anti-Europe, populist forces were gaining. Britain’s decision seemed to herald the start [...]