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With Brexit Vote Looming, Britons on Both Sides Rally in London

Those reports raised the prospect that the prime minister would delay the vote to avoid an embarrassing defeat in Parliament. And support for a second referendum on Britain’s departure appeared to be gathering steam among both Labour [...]

London Police’s Tactic to Stop Thieves on Scooters: Ram Them

LONDON — The London police wanted to send a message to thieves on scooters and motorcycles in London: We will catch you however we can. The Metropolitan Police published a compilation of videos last month showing officers ramming fleeing [...]

On Crowded London Streets, Councils Fight a Flood of Phone Boxes

LONDON — The British telephone box is not dead yet. In parts of central London, a box stands sentinel every 100 feet — and if phone companies got their way, they’d plant one every 50 feet. But these are not the red cast-iron cubicles [...]

London Driver Held in Terrorism Inquiry After Hitting Barrier Near Parliament

[unable to retrieve full-text content] The motorist, identified only as a man in his late 20s, injured several cyclists and pedestrians, the police said. Source: NYT > World

Bannon hosts Europopulists in London ahead of Trump’s visit

LONDON – A day before President Donald Trump’s arrival here, leaders of Europe’s rough-edged populist movement quietly filed into a five-star hotel in London’s Mayfair district, unnoticed by summer tourists enjoying their [...]

Uber Regains Its License to Operate in London, a Win for Its New C.E.O.

[unable to retrieve full-text content] The decision is a big victory for Dara Khosrowshahi, the chief executive, who has been working to revamp the company’s grow-at-all-costs culture. Source: NYT > World
London Journal: The Red Phone Box, a British Icon, Stages a Comeback
[unable to retrieve full-text content] Once unwanted relics, the booths are being retooled in imaginative ways, including as cellphone repair shops, tiny cafes and defibrillator sites. Source: NYT > World
London Journal: It’s a Royal Wedding! Ride a Tour Bus! Buy Some Cereal and Condoms!
She’s all for Harry and Meghan. “Cinderella has met her prince,” she said. “It could be anybody. That’s what’s so beautiful about it.” At another table, Liz Tunmer and Sue Gale, both from out of town, were on the bus courtesy [...]
For a Black Girl in London, It’s the Summer of Meghan Markle
Ms. Markle is her new cause. In the weeks leading up to the wedding, she has pricked her ears to the media coverage, bristling at any criticism of Ms. Markle, including of her clothing. “I started getting mad, like, ‘Why are you criticizing [...]
As Putin’s Opponents Flocked to London, His Spies Followed
“I think it’s sort of accepted that there are more spies in London now than there were at the height of the Cold War,” he said. “In the Cold War, it was quite difficult for Russians to move around the country, they were restricted [...]