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Zinke’s likely replacement has been ‘the man behind the curtain’

Deputy Interior Secretary David Bernhardt has taken the lead in softening the department’s protections for endangered species, a move that will make it easier for oil and gas companies to drill on ecologically sensitive lands. | David [...]

William Barr’s path to becoming attorney general again likely tougher this time

The last time William P. Barr faced the Senate for confirmation to be attorney general in 1991 he was so noncontroversial that he was approved on a voice vote, with no less than then-Sens. Joseph R. Biden and Edward M. Kennedy backing him. It’s [...]

‘The government’s story keeps changing’: CNN seen as likely to prevail in White House fight

The White House’s changing explanations for why CNN‘s Jim Acosta lost his access could indicate to the judge that these explanations are covers for the true rationale. | Alex Wong/Getty Images Media The White House’s shifting [...]

Pace of US hiring likely remained solid on eve of elections

WASHINGTON (AP) – The final U.S. jobs report before Tuesday’s midterm elections is expected to show that employers are still hiring at a healthy pace. Whether it will make much difference to voters at this point is another matter. Economists [...]

Trump Cabinet exodus likely after midterms

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is expected to leave on his own accord, according to two Republicans close to the White House. | Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP Photo White House After two years of already-high turnover, the president is expected [...]

Grassley: FBI report on Kavanaugh likely won’t be released

Brett Kavanaugh needs the support of 50 senators to claim a seat on the Supreme Court. There are 51 Republicans in the chamber. But he still doesn’t have enough votes – for now. | Michael Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images Share on Facebook [...]

Kavanaugh: Campaign finance limits likely unconstitutional

As a White House lawyer Brett Kavanaugh was skeptical of Congress’s ability to impose major restrictions on fundraising in American politics, according to newly released emails that show him debating other White House lawyers over the constitutionality [...]

It’s not just abortion: 5 issues likely to be affected by Kennedy’s exit

When it comes to issues like abortion and affirmative action, it has seemed for years that Justice Anthony Kennedy was holding back the tide. Now, his retirement may unleash a crashing wave. The departure of the relatively moderate Kennedy [...]
Maralinga Journal: Australia’s Least Likely Tourist Spot: a Test Site for Atom Bombs
Maralinga, which means “thunder” in the extinct Aboriginal language Garik, is an unlikely tourist destination. It is hot and arid, and at 700 miles west of Adelaide it is difficult to reach. When tours started in 2016, the village [...]
Putin ‘Likely’ Ordered Russian Ex-Spy’s Poisoning, Britain Says
Mr. Johnson has a history of going further in his statements than Prime Minister Theresa May and other cabinet ministers, and it was not immediately clear whether his comments represented a new official position for the government. “We [...]